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A 24 year old who works too much and plays too little. Read more if you'd wish...

My favorite diaries:

joeywitter profile - diary
comments: No one's better to give me smut ideas, then her...lol
mindlesspop profile - diary
comments: She has taught me the fine art that is..MTV.
virgincherry profile - diary
classifieds profile - diary
dear-god profile - diary
praiseandrew profile - diary
neverbemymom profile - diary
survey profile - diary
crush-on-you profile - diary
comments: I want someone to crush on me ;p
quoted profile - diary
comments: A journal full of...quotes (now that was a hard thing to figure out, lol)
open-book profile - diary
panjandrum profile - diary
hannahlecter profile - diary
comments: Reviewed her for Curve Reviews and have to read more ;)
bestentries profile - diary
randomfacts profile - diary
comments: Useless Information You Can't Live Without.
kissntell profile - diary
comments: Kissing and All It Entails...
thebestof profile - diary
comments: f there's a entry that you just love...post it here. This site is awesome.
larawolfe profile - diary
comments: Number #3 of the Diaryland Trio!
badgrammar profile - diary
comments: Young female highschooler from Florida- reminds me of myself 4 years younger.
daizylee profile - diary
comments: Number #1 of the Diaryland Trio! Oh, and she's an excellent writer!

My favorite music:

Jessica Simpson
comments: "Sweet Kisses" is the bomb CD, buy it, d/l it, do whatever to get it, her voice is amazing!
LeAnn Rimes
comments: The first singer to even get me to imagine listening to country, every album of her's is excellent. ;)
Faith Hill/Tim McGraw
comments: They are so beautiful together. They soothe the soul of a person.
comments: Let's look at the title of my journal and think about why they are listed here? If you still don't know...I pity you, lol.

My favorite movies:

Coyote Ugly
comments: I don't know what the obsession is with me and this movie...probably because I want to be a singer and I wouldn't mind doing it like her.
Center Stage
comments: Beautiful dancing, good acting, and a love story to boot- I couldn't ask for more than that.
The Skulls
comments: Get real? Must you even ask...Joshua Jackson in a tank top!!! Hey, just cause I don't like Pacey/Joey doesn't mean I can't appreciate a handsome guy, lmao!
American Beauty
comments: This movie is strange, doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but when you look deeper...gosh, it's something that will change your life forever.
While You Were Sleeping
comments: Sandra Bullock is a fabulous actress, Bill Pullman is adorable, they work together well, and it's a romantic comedy. Enough said.

My favorite authors:

Sandra Brown
comments: My favorite romance novel writer, never read a book of her's that I didn't like. ;)
Edgar Allen Poe
Emily Dickenson
comments: She wrote with her heart, her soul, about her pain, loss, and sometimes happiness- all the things that make up....Life.

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