the speaker for the dead

doubting, i think, and therefore i am. visions of stars and impossible future lives run in my head. the world goes by, but i shut my eyes and pretend that it is not there. i am june, and these are my thoughts.

My favorite diaries:

albinoqueen profile - diary
comments: wheee! a Sister and a B5 fan! "Believe me, when you're a B5 fan and you find another one, you latch on to him/her and don't let go."
adarkshadow profile - diary
comments: there's just something i love about this gorgeously dark and emotional diary.
bandchick182 profile - diary
comments: sara's blog: i can't believe i never added her to my list of favourites! :hugs her Sister:
thisislife profile - diary
comments: rockers of the world unite!
afrai profile - diary
comments: fellow geek-girl and the one who (sort of) introduced me to the LOTR sisters...
ladyvivien profile - diary
comments: she is a feminist, therefore she rocks.
shebreathes profile - diary
comments: a cool cat with even cooler diary entries.
zecollective profile - diary
comments: our insaniac group blog!
starchild42 profile - diary
comments: my lovely darling twin sister! :hugs:
lotrsisters profile - diary
comments: an amazing bunch of girls united in our love for LOTR. Go us!
inmysolitude profile - diary
comments: wang's diary is such a joy to read; i am always amazed by her deep spirituality
perceptionss profile - diary
comments: eric anthony is a riot! the most entertaining blog, ever!
nofat-chicks profile - diary
comments: pigpen is funny; and he's a sci-fi fan to boot. we need more such people around...
iwillsurvive profile - diary
comments: i stumbled upon this blog in my random guestbook signing spree... and i absolutely love it!
lummychica profile - diary
comments: her diary is cool, and she has great taste in movies and books!
mxmithrandir profile - diary
comments: a Sister and a Malaysian! She's cool!
slimshady316 profile - diary
comments: major nirvana fan, and a froody one to boot.
ivyvalentine profile - diary
comments: she's a darling, and the wonderful wonderful head of the LOTR sisters!
billypip profile - diary
comments: Jo is a Sister and a Singaporean... she's fantastic! wheeee!
angelaeryn profile - diary
comments: A Sister, Harry Potter fan AND an Aeryn fan? Too cool for words :)
rockchild16 profile - diary
comments: She rocks! Like, totally! :)
anwen-hwesta profile - diary
comments: anwen's blog!
perfect-lies profile - diary
comments: this is a very cool, nice, dark blog.
hobbity profile - diary
comments: more sister blogs! i could have a field day with this....
wildswans profile - diary
comments: felicia's groovy blog. she writes very well! :)
longing4ak profile - diary
comments: this is sheridan's diary. no kidding. she's a cool cat. :)
destinial profile - diary
comments: this is jet's blog! whee!
fantasyville profile - diary
comments: she's cool, and she's got gillian anderson in her head. whoo hoo!
ruvoryn profile - diary
comments: this diary is just cool. she has such great love for her son and wife.
aine22 profile - diary
comments: dev's blog! squeee!!
nova225 profile - diary
comments: lynxi's blog! :happy bright bounces:
puffkrispy profile - diary
comments: kristin's blog! :squishes:
linzmat profile - diary
comments: she wrote a fantastic review for my blog and i love hers! whee!
mzauberman profile - diary
comments: anyone who puts subliminal messages in a banner deserves to be worshipped.
m2win profile - diary
comments: Meena's Blog! Yip yip!

My favorite music:

comments: "when you turn, you turn inside - when you burn, you burn alive" they are fantastic, absolutely fantastic.
comments: "contact - unclean - lock me up in quarantine" sugar and glass shards mixed together in a delightful cocktail.
comments: "for you i bleed myself dry" i have never heard anything more beautiful. perfect songs for nightdriving.
comments: "that's me in the corner - that's me in the spotlight - losing my religion" my favorite song, ever.
comments: and also travis, dar williams, kathryn williams, doves, aqualung, t.a.T.U., doves, rchp, aimee mann, peter gabriel, suede, dido, the cranberries, david grey, david usher, josh rouse, to name a few. five spaces is NOT enough.

My favorite movies:

any LOTR movie
comments: the movie speaks for itself. :)

My favorite authors:

j r r tolkien
comments: LOTR rocks big time. i'm shocked it took me nearly two decades to finally reconcile to that fact.
douglas adams
comments: if you haven't read the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy yet, do it now. NOW.
arthur c clarke
comments: he is The Master. bow down at his name.
terry pratchett
comments: i'm a new convert, thanks to cheesy and jacq (and not to mention sa'ar)... the discworld series absolutely rocks-- kind of like douglas-adams-meets-fantasy, you get my gist... i like Death!
peter david
comments: this guy writes BOTH kickass trek and b5 novels. i think i'm in love.

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