AutumnRayn13 - I'm sorry...What?!?

I like anything that gets my feet wet, my hands dirty, and my hair all messed up.

My favorite diaries:

DietCokeGirl profile - diary
comments: If you want to be inspired, read this lady's diary. Just amazing.
SLR profile - diary
comments: Yes, I do know what you mean. Thanks for being someone who's "been there", too.
Panther00 profile - diary
comments: I stumbled into her diary and now it's a daily read. I haven't seen honesty like that in a long time.
MPeacock profile - diary
comments: Another SSM (Super Single Mom)...Great diary.
LadyKent profile - diary
comments: Another hopeless romantic...I am so glad it's not just me.
Yatzin profile - diary
comments: If I was a guy I would most likely be him. Amazing diary.
Mochagod profile - diary
comments: Officer C.W.A.--- Keep your suicide mints the hell away from me. Thank you ;)
Mochagoddess profile - diary
comments: Oh, we SOOOO coulda taken him down...That is, if we'd have seen him coming...
Alindreth profile - diary
comments: And angels shall walk the earth from time to time...
Rainseeker profile - diary
comments: Moved, a thousand times over, by this man's (better?) words.

My favorite music:

Fleetwood Mac
comments: Did I mention I like a wide variety of music?
Three Doors Down

My favorite movies:

Where The Heart Is
comments: So cute!!!
Pearl Harbor
comments: I am a sap...I know this. But have you SEEN the part with the hanger and the...
Super Troopers
comments: One of the funniest movies I've ever seen IN my LIFE.
Lord Of The Rings
comments: I love anything along those lines.

My favorite authors:

Sylvia Browne
comments: Just amazing...I read everything she writes. Everything.
Nora Roberts
comments: I am a hopeless romantic and she writes wonderful...Errr...Storylines.
Ann-Marie Macdonald
comments: Fall On Your Knees...My favorite book of all time...No question.
comments: Need I comment?

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