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Iím just an ordinary girl living in an ordinary town with an ordinary life.

My favorite diaries:

discodave profile - diary
amethysttear profile - diary
angestanz profile - diary
comments: My Hero <3
sunfuck profile - diary
comments: "and i wish i didn't hate you and you. but someone needs to do it."
jagged-pulp profile - diary
comments: "Will someone please just buy me spelling leasons."
che profile - diary
agitated profile - diary
comments: "Drunken words are either innocent foolishness or unintended truths of the universe. This one is up to you to decide, depending on what you feel like feeling."
songaday profile - diary
lovemetwice profile - diary
blackxdawn profile - diary
suicideinc profile - diary
comments: "at night i can sit outside and blow the smoke into the sky and allow it to blanket the stars i used to wish on."
Abusemyheart profile - diary
comments: "I want to scream a the top of my lungs "I LOVE HIM!" And yet it still won't be enough."
pain-junkie profile - diary
glass-veins profile - diary
comments: "My heart hurts."
cdghost profile - diary
comments: "I am allegric to stupid people and the claritin is not working."
bloodyscars profile - diary
comments: "what made you grow up..."
brokenwords profile - diary
comments: "I don't want this. I want him here. I want him to tell me he loves me and be able to look him in the eyes when he says it."
our-tears profile - diary
Alternation profile - diary
Someghost profile - diary
amazinfuckup profile - diary
comments: "You're still that boy I can't approach and I'm still that girl you feel sorry for. "
shutupmom profile - diary
Drunkdave profile - diary
frozen-vodka profile - diary
lady-fancy profile - diary

My favorite music:

Something Corporate
comments: wish upon a star But do you know what stars are? Balls of fire exploding in the face of God
comments: Makes you feel violated but in a good way.
comments: The Rolling Stones, Skynyrd,Sublime,Green Day,Incubus,Beatles,Chevelle,Dash Board,Distillers,Guns N Roses,Jet,Led Zeppelin,Nirvana,Red Hot Chili peppers,seether,Velvet Revolver,Finger 11, the format, From First to Last,Guster,
Pink Floyd
comments: greatest band ever
Killswitch Engage
comments: you know me, you know me all too well

My favorite movies:

comments: I love this movie. who wouldn't? Its got hot guys with accents.
Donnie Darko
comments: "I'll tell you what he said. He asked me to forcibly insert the Life Line exercise card into my anus!"
10 Thing I hate about you
comments: Heath thats all i got to say
Igby goes down
comments: Napoleon Dynamite, Clock Work Orange, Blade(all 3), Saved, Romeo + Juliet, Empire Records, Man on Fire
Life as a House
comments: I like a guy who isn't afraid of a little makeup Sam: Do you have any idea what its like to jack off in an armoire?

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: The best author that ever lived!
Ernest Hemmingway
comments: Thought I should put a classic author on here to make me look smart. No but really he is good.
Francesca Lia Block
comments: her stories are so poetic that they don't really have to have a plot or point
James Fry
comments: A million Little Pieces
Anne Rice

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