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My favorite diaries:

martianbob profile - diary
comments: Friends since I was 13. Maybe 14. I can't remember. He's silly, a character trait I'm learning to see as a virtue.
proofrok profile - diary
comments: I admit it... I'm hooked. Where does he find the time to write so much?
evening-gown profile - diary
comments: my dreams that I can remember
neonsamurai profile - diary
comments: I read this fellow co-worker's diary often enough, it should be a favorite. hmm fellow co-worker... redundant?
Porktornado profile - diary
comments: For the sheer entertainment of it.
bigredmm profile - diary
comments: One of the few things I'll miss about Augusta. And I'll miss him a lot.

My favorite music:

Jack Johnson
comments: the good book is good and that's well understood, so don't even question if you know what I mean
Dave Matthews Band
comments: lets go drive till morning comes, and watch the sunrise, fill our souls, drink some wine till we get drunk
Mason Jennings
comments: this is a bullet from a gun called what the fuck
comments: I'll talk smooth, walk one step closer, be real cool real cool real cool real cool... dang, real cool
Paul Simon
comments: believing I had supernatural powers, I slammed into a brick wall

My favorite movies:

Harold and Maude
comments: Picks me up on a bad day. My favorite movie.
All Quiet on the Western Front
American Beauty
Being There

My favorite authors:

Neil Gaiman
comments: I love this man.
Robert M Pirsig
comments: Author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.
Bill Bryson
comments: His travel books are hilarious and informative, and got me interested in the Appalachian Trail.
Joseph Heller
comments: Author of Catch 22, my favorite war novel.
George R.R. Martin
comments: He is a dead man. April 27th, 2004? Fucker.

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