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most likely to be runner-up '95.

My favorite diaries:

shawnshank profile - diary
comments: we came from the same hole...discard all common jokes.
dr-venkman profile - diary
comments: she updates daily and she's wicked funny.
dr-retarded profile - diary
comments: i hate hockey
emike profile - diary
comments: his words uproot trees
dignan profile - diary
comments: genius, being that we (used to) live together-that makes us the odd couple
zerb profile - diary
comments: never eats out.
mboyd72 profile - diary
comments: the man, the myth, the only homeowner i hang out with.
powderp profile - diary
comments: he owes me white castle fries. smash face bottle smash.
piebald profile - diary
comments: rule #1:don't name your diary after a band. rule#2:don't name your diary after a mediocre band. rule#3:he's a good guy.
ihatejeff profile - diary
comments: we all do, lizard girl. we all do.

My favorite music:

dillinger four
comments: jigga jigga jigga jigga .......clever shenanigans passing out pamphlets. yeah yeah.
white octave
comments: not a large fanbase around here, i can tell you that. more for me.
comments: if you don't know: get-a-fuck-ing-clue.
comments: they didn't break up yet, but i like them this i give them a few months.
comments: goodnight sweet princes of pop.

My favorite movies:

the wes anderson trifecta
kicking and screaming
big lebowski
comments: name a few

My favorite authors:

kurt vonnegut
comments: he drew a butthole in a book for crying out loud. that's literature. that's write.
j.r.r tolkien
comments: dork points...that's not a good thing is it?
david sedaris
comments: a little gay man with a cute little gay funnybone. no, he does NOT tickle MY funnybone like THAT. you perv. homophobe. dweeb.
comments: adj: bogue.sweeeet.dope. sweeeeeet.
whomever wrote mad libs
comments: for president.

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