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I'm 24 years old, live in Columbus, am in a wonderful relationship and getting ready to hopefully go back to school for a master's degree. This diary is passworded now, but if you want access, let me know (the password is just my real first name if you happened to know it) ;)

My favorite diaries:

tapestrygirl profile - diary
comments: She got me hooked on to the d-land. Go Sara
ryanburnett profile - diary
comments: He's my brother, I have to give him a plug.
sunfall profile - diary
comments: She's my brother's girlfriend. She can stick around
view-askew profile - diary
comments: I grew up with her :) Known me longer than anyone not related to me.
willowlily profile - diary
comments: The girl who always got all the guys to latin dance with her, some creepy some not ;)
unclebob profile - diary
comments: I'm addicted. He's hilarious and a great writer, and just plain cool
peterkeating profile - diary
comments: Lives near me and signs my guestbook :)
partygirl profile - diary
comments: She's just extremely interesting. I love reading about her life.
cuppajoe profile - diary
comments: Reminds me of a lot of people in my life. Very cool guy.
jamiestar profile - diary
comments: OU grad, gotta love it :)
girls-suck profile - diary
comments: Well, we do.
perceptions profile - diary
comments: For my short attention span.
sadmonkey profile - diary
comments: I feel like a sad monkey sometimes too! :(
trinity63 profile - diary
comments: Beautiful layout, found her through a banner ad :)
oddgoogle profile - diary
comments: I get enough of those myself...I may be a major competitor for the most gay porn hits on diaryland...
allthings profile - diary
comments: Absolutely adorable :) Love the layout and pictures of new purchases

My favorite music:

Dixie Chicks
comments: One of the best new artists that country...and music in general...has had to offer in the last five years
comments: Great grooving music...have you seen their new video?! Its hilarious!
George Strait
comments: He's the man. Consistent for twenty plus years, staying exactly who he is.
Barenaked Ladies
comments: My dad is a groupie, I'm not lying. He has good taste though :)
comments: Amazing group. Never made a bad song.

My favorite movies:

When Harry Met Sally
comments: The Bible on male and female friendships and relationships.
Breakfast at Tiffanys
comments: Classic
Say Anything
comments: John Cusack...boombox...yum
My Best Friend's Wedding
comments: "I say a little prayer for you!"
Grosse Pointe Blank
comments: John Cusack...hitman...holding a baby...double yum

My favorite authors:

Sandra Brown
comments: She's awesome.
Jane Heller
comments: Her books are so adorable...great mysteries
Andrew Greeley
comments: The reason I'm still Catholic. I truly believe in his brand of Catholicism. He actually writes sort of romantic fiction, but gets his views in there...is a priest by the way.
comments: Yes I write books. Kind of resmeble Sandra's up there, but not as good...yet :)
Steve Martin
comments: Read "Shop Girl"...especially if you're in a similiar place in life as me, it really makes you think about things..."Its pain that makes us change our lives."

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