my road to ... somewhere

I am starting this as a way to record the next phase in my life. A phase which should be recovery.

Love and peace

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My favorite diaries:

arjay profile - diary
comments: she's kewl.. and she's the first person to go on my list.. :) yay for them
rainyeyes profile - diary
comments: prettiful
starke- profile - diary
comments: =) beautiful
soultonic profile - diary
comments: strong strong person
floaty-ana profile - diary
comments: pretty
justmysize profile - diary
comments: my LB friend *hugs*
unrelenting- profile - diary
comments: beautifully honest

My favorite music:

comments: Unfuckingbelieveable - the lyrics - the vioce- the beauty and pain
Fiona Apple
comments: All that is beautiful and pained
Linkin Park
comments: Their words.. brilliant
comments: For the song "ALways"
Puddle of Mudd
comments: For the song "Blurry"

My favorite movies:

Girl, Interrupted
comments: For finding so many other people in that movie
Steel Magnolias
comments: For the best lines ever
comments: Strangely captivating
The wizard of Oz
comments: Always a favourite
Return to Oz
comments: Scared me and fascinated me

My favorite authors:

Marya Hornbacher
comments: Never before has someone been so invading into my soul with words
Elizabeth Wurtzerl
comments: Amazingly honest
Anne Sexton
comments: Her words, there anrt words to describe them
Sylvia Plath
comments: Up there with Anne Sexton
John Marsden
comments: For getting children reading

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