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age: 30 and HOLDING, thank you very much.

location: Las Vegas.

occupation: nothing to do with gambling/showgirls/hospitality, I assure you.

keywords: coffee, sushi, mail art, San-X, grrrl bands, SUV driver, libertarian, "ER," James Bond, Alabama native, papermaking, "The Official Preppy Handbook," herb gardening, Roy Lichtenstein, "Iron Chef," Jersey shore, tortoiseshell cat, Prozac, women's college, Eighteenth Street Lounge music, thrift stores, Grover Cleveland, David Lynch, women's gymnastics, boarding school, mid-century modern furniture

My favorite diaries:

cactusgirl profile - diary
comments: like being back in high school and reading notes from my best friend Shari about all the backbreaking practice/catty infighting of marching band. Oh, and Shari wrote fantasy fiction and cooked a lot and had really good SATs, too.
dianas profile - diary
comments: Diana understands what it's like not to feel like a legitimate Grownup.
libraryvamp profile - diary
comments: straight from the home office in Bullhead City, Arizona
frostedlemon profile - diary
comments: three cheers for Erika!
mikromouse profile - diary
comments: a guy in Washington State who has really bad insomnia and recommends interesting music. no, I don't ONLY read other female-kept diaries.
nolimetanger profile - diary
comments: pop culture critic extraordinaire who even knows the correct pronounciation of "Sleater-Kinney"
admiraljack profile - diary
comments: I wonder where I fit into his theory re: the "generations" of Diaryland.
potatoelf profile - diary
comments: the green and the gold, we have loved it of old, and to it we will ever be true...
crunchtastic profile - diary
comments: another guy in the Pacific Northwest--Oregon, in this case--with interesting observations re: various things, but mostly drugs
whitneykate1 profile - diary
comments: the South shall rise again! I wish Whitney was one of my cousins--I'd enjoy going home for visits.
almostgoldsf profile - diary
comments: because she gives the best matchmaking advice in the Pacific Time Zone.
bugginyou profile - diary
comments: because the Canadians are all right, eh?
telepathetik profile - diary
comments: the wonder from down under... now it sounds like I'm announcing boxers. oh, well.
daemonchild profile - diary
comments: there should be a Fantagraphics comic about her life.
jessicam profile - diary
comments: she clearly understands the importance of good-looking mail
irisjune profile - diary
comments: she didn't walk to the graveyard on Founders' Day either.
kittym55 profile - diary
comments: a worthy inheritor of pieces of my old turf

My favorite music:

the Muffs
comments: I'm pathetic now--want to take a ride with me?
Liz Phair
comments: I want to be cool, tall, vulnerable, and luscious
Elliott Smith
comments: if you're alone it must be you that wants to be apart
Uncle Tupelo
comments: all my daydreams are disasters
comments: Satan sucks--but you're the best!

My favorite movies:

Bull Durham
comments: Don't think. You'll only hurt the ball club.
The Hunt for Red October
comments: I would have liked to have seen Montana.
Ghost World
comments: Don't you LIKE me?...
Blue Velvet
The Doors
comments: "... girl, we couldn't get much BETTER."

My favorite authors:

Jeffrey Steingarten
comments: food critic for Vogue and recovering attorney
Jonathan Ames
comments: clearly so VERY messed up in many of the same ways that I am
David Foster Wallace
comments: even though I'm the only person I know who didn't despise "Infinite Jest"
Bret Easton Ellis
comments: I read "Less than Zero" on the plane going home every Christmas
Ian Fleming
comments: the scent and sweat and smoke of a casino are nauseating at 3 in the morning

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