Gettin' down to the Heart of the Matter

Breakin' Sterotypes...Helpin' Hands...Realistic Non-Conformities...Spreadin' Seeds of Thought...Workin'to BE 'that' Change

My favorite diaries:

peaches4two profile - diary
comments: Truest friend regardles of time, distance, space, shape or ideas
FenderFan profile - diary
comments: Alwayz been there even when we're hours apart

My favorite music:

Josh Groban
comments: This man.... :: sigh :: is wonderful! None other like him.
Destiny's Child
comments: These girls...they're my girlz. When I need an ass poppin' song... I run to them.
Kelly Clarkson
comments: I haven't heard one song that didn't pull my heart in one way or another. Words can't express how 'Thankful' I am.
comments: I mean...come on....classical music...."Canon in D minor" or "Canon in C minor"...a must love.
India Arie
comments: OK...Acoustic Soul....hands of the best albums ever...ever...ever...ever produced when it comes to soul music--her and Joss Stone *melts*.

My favorite movies:

comments: Who doesn't love this show?!?! But I hate the part..."I'll never let go Jack...never" Bull-shit--- so all that jazz where you were prying his frozen hand from your forearm--what...were you just playin'?! w/e Rose....*
comments: This movie was beautiful! The ending...where she's spinning out of control and screams...couldn't have been done any better. Brilliant director!
comments: Also a wonderful low-budget film! To portray a muderous whore and get me to cry when she's sentenced to death....that's real talent...props to you Charlene!
comments: Ok...this awesome! The dancing....whoa....hott! *Jealous a wee bit*
Center Stage
comments: I love this movie...ballet...I mean come men?! That's a gimme.

My favorite authors:

Henry David Thoreau
comments: His journal "Walden"...what a beautiful piece of Classical American Literature. I hated it at first...but fell in love later.
Wilson Rawls
comments: "Where the Red Fern Grows"-- Every time I read it, the final chapter of the book, all I do is cry...takes me an extra hour to read-trying to clear away the tears to be able to actually read the words *giggles*
Sarah Botzek
comments: This girl...she has the raw materials w/ enough creative style to really make something of herself.
Kimmy Johnson
comments: She thinks she's a bad her poems...and you'll agree w/ me...brilliantly beautiful.
Robert Frost
comments: "One could do worse than to be a swinger of birches"--a life lesson for all.

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