Bethan's long, boring Diary.

I'm a very boring person with a boring life 'n mixed emotions. All i no 4 sure iz that Ben Adams (frm a1) 'n Charlie Simpson (frm Busted) r da fittest peeps in da world!!

My favorite diaries:

Nerimon profile - diary
comments: A touching diary that inspired me 2 put more hart in2 my own entries.
Ashley-j-d profile - diary
comments: FUNKY (a$h iz ruled in da world of the dollar sign)
Blades240 profile - diary
comments: U can't get a betta diary entry frm a totally nutty guy!!
Stroppybird profile - diary
comments: LOZ!!!!! my bst m8s bst diary!!
Rachie88 profile - diary
comments: A brill diary frm a brill person!!
cmdrchandler profile - diary
comments: Yay!! Ross finaly decided 2 rite a diary!!
Black-rose19 profile - diary
comments: Loz yet agen!! Tryin 2 sneak in2 my list of fave diaries TWICE!! tut tut tut shame on u
Lenis-arcane profile - diary
comments: God knowz where Alex got dis name frm but he has dun a Loz 'n appeared here twice!! GET RID OF YA STOOPID PASSWORD!!
lkm-nom1 profile - diary
comments: Mitchy!! Mad, mischevious and damn well scary!!
dripping-wet profile - diary
comments: yea this guy's a nutta bt its quite fun 2 read!!
kate19 profile - diary
comments: A bloody brainy 13 ya old :P jus wot i need 2 make me feel even stupier. I mean more stupid!!
brattybecka profile - diary
comments: Becca's thrilling stories of life!!
kthnxbai-k1d profile - diary
comments: My baby!!
gnrgothchick profile - diary
comments: Anneliese, the queen of goth 'n all thingz dark!!
sam-1991 profile - diary
comments: Sam-I-Am very-fun-diary-entries!!
xianwatkinsx profile - diary
comments: Jem with the gud taste in guyz!!
x-sarah-x-29 profile - diary
circle-dream profile - diary
comments: I think dats rite :P all our weird 'n wunderful dreams come 2 life ...
ntapplprsn profile - diary
comments: Chrissie, my baby. DONT EAT THE FISH!!
circle-diary profile - diary
comments: Wow it's like a diary 4 all of us. likeomgwow

My favorite music:

comments: They mite b long gon bt not 2 me!! I still think they produced sum of da bst music ive eva heard!!
comments: 2 gd 4 words!!
The Darkness
comments: A gd old propa rawk band!! Where's ya i-lina Justin??!!

My favorite movies:

A Knights Tale
comments: Starring Heath Ledger this film is super!!
Anything with Brendan Frasier in!!
comments: My obssession wiv Brendan Frasier continues...
Pirates Of The Caribbean
comments: 2 ave Orlando Bloom AND Jonney Depp in it has 2 b classed as 1 of da bst films eva made!!

My favorite authors:

Philip Pullman
comments: He rote His Dark Materials trilogy. Class jus class!!

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