christina: live and uncensored

ok, not live. but uncensored.

ok, so i have to censor myself a little bit because my boyfriend reads this diary...

My favorite diaries:

planetarium profile - diary
comments: jenn, never jenny. queen of memphis. she has a porn star bra, which she showed me (and everyone else at that party, probably).
eronia profile - diary
comments: ere bear. lives in euphoria, which is secretly hot guy capital of the world, from the way she talks about it. i miss her...
godblessit profile - diary
comments: emily. she lives in lawrence with the rest of the ku clan. (that's k. u. clan, not ku klan, like the white supremacist group.) we really should hang out more.
katiebrown profile - diary
comments: katie brown, obviously. her family finally decided on a nice tan color for the dining room, and they sell baguettes from their kitchen.
iamskyler profile - diary
comments: no, kyle, go home. in this picture of kyle from the incubus concerto, kyle looks like his tongue is pierced and like he's holding a hash pipe. neither is true.
grassyheart profile - diary
comments: rae and i go way back to seventh grade, in the days of bob and duck and secret agent #303. her layout is punny. check it out.
schneider profile - diary
comments: renee never updates. i think maybe she's become a parapalegic... but that's no excuse, she could put a pencil in her mouth and type with that.
jamiebunny profile - diary
comments: jamie of the long blonde hair, an awesome singer and future mini-van driving soccer mom. also, tip your waitress.
theparadise profile - diary
comments: opinionated. we don't generally agree on anything.
magemu profile - diary
comments: kyle's adorably texan girlfriend, who gave me water when i had the hiccups, and hit kyle when i couldn't reach him. thanks, maggie. :D
deanvaldean profile - diary
comments: nadine, who lives about ten minutes away from me, and yet we don't hang out. why? we dunno.

My favorite music:

comments: what are you waiting for... a certain shade of green?
led zeppelin
comments: when the levee breaks, mama you got to move.
30 seconds to mars
comments: welcome to the universe.

My favorite movies:

comments: audrey and cary in the same movie. what's not to love?
breakfast at tiffany's
comments: an audrey classic. (and one of the first movies aaron and i watched together at the apartment. )
comments: gory, but good. brad pitt may be a dick, but he's good in this movie.
10 things i hate about you
comments: the point is, kat... cat! ...grrrow!" "remove head from sphincter, THEN drive!" "what planet are you from, planet loser?" "as opposed to planet look at me! look at me!"
silence of the lambs
comments: "a census taker tried to test me once. i ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti."

My favorite authors:

edgar allen poe
comments: genius.
louise rennison
comments: "i shall just have to gird my loins and be like that song... the one where you have to search for the hero inside yourself."
j. k. rowling
comments: harry. freakin'. potter.
tim laheye and jerry b. jenkins
comments: so i'm a dork. sue me.
stephen king
comments: the green mile is my all-time fave, although apt pupil was cool, too, in a sick, twisted way...

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