me, me, me, and more me :)

My life is so weird, so i thought i could save myself some money and instead of goin to a psychiatrist, start a diary! haha, yeah newayz hope u enjoy!

My favorite diaries:

rach-a-mafee profile - diary
comments: RACHIE!!! she is my all time "bestest" funniest, buddy who i can talk to about anything!
ms-antrea profile - diary
comments: i was prompted to read it from lookin at rachie's diary, but even though i dont know her i think she's mad cool. :) check her out!
case-suede profile - diary
comments: the only male from amazonia, this is my buddy from boston... he's a funny lil' bama so read his stuff!!!!
uneekwordz profile - diary
comments: truly uneek poetry... i just discovered this diary, but its so bomb, ima read it everday :)
butta7772000 profile - diary
comments: i recently found his diary, it's cool... at least he updates often, unlike others i know... plus points for him :)
dev1ous profile - diary
comments: i seriously feel u girl on some of the stuff u go through... just know that i read, and i understand... plus points for u too :)
macdiva profile - diary
comments: im happy she has just as much drama as i do, and she keeps it real, check her out.
omni102 profile - diary
comments: i found his diary through butta's fave list. decided to read, and lovin it...
vickiholiday profile - diary
comments: funny to the point where i had tears. im lovin it, alot.... ;-)
sweet-faerie profile - diary
comments: related.... we both dance better than the cheerleaders...
lilmlele profile - diary
comments: this is my chica so u know i gotta give her lots of props!!!! even though she knows im thicker than she is...
stykz profile - diary
comments: even though i just put this one on my fave list, i've been reading for a while. luvin it alot.
darlin-nella profile - diary
comments: much luv to this diary too. should've been on the fave list a long time ago. :)
earthangel07 profile - diary
comments: told ya you got a spot up here... but aye, i like this one alot (not just cuz she found an entry inspiring...)so yeah, read her becuz i like this one alot!
mocharican profile - diary
comments: even though her diary doesnt have alot of entries i LIKE IT ALOT, epecially the entry titled La negra. many plus points for that one!
ricandestiny profile - diary
comments: i took too long to put her up here.... sorry. but yeah this is a good one yoo, AND i think her diary's oh-so-pretty
eccentrik profile - diary
comments: man... i feel u on that whole relationship wit your mom (been there)... BUT THIS IS REALLY A GOOD DIARY! READ IT NOW!!!!!
blackmartha profile - diary
comments: her diary is definately cool. i've been reading it for a while and its bomb. trust me...
mplayer202 profile - diary
comments: first he's up, then he's off, and now he's back up again. been through alot these 4 years, but he's still the homie. (especially when he updates.... HINT HINT)

My favorite music:

comments: all i can say is they put words to alot of the emotions i feel... plus they sing their booties off. fave songs: *CUPID* and *ANYWHERE*
soul for real
comments: Candy Rain is my jam!!! it reminds me of when i was a kid doin the runner man
comments: both of his cds have been in my cd player the whole summer... he makes me wanna simp...
Jill Scott
comments: another person who just makes me wanna simp for life, i can listen to her cd and forget about everything else
Stevie Wonder
comments: he is my all time fave, i love all his songs, they just bang, like seriously he was ahead of his time!

My favorite movies:

comments: monica-" I guess you'll put your "thing" in anything" haha... i just love the movie, times seen so far:13
coming to america
comments: sexual chocolate!!! now, if that's not comedy, i dont know what is...
the color purple
comments: "u told harpo to beat me" it's funny how oprah says harpo and it's her name backwardz...
black hawk down
comments: it had the best special effects i've ever seen, the part where the missile goes through the guy's stomach....
Best IN Show
comments: " i will gouge out your eyeballs with my thumb!" that movie is soo funny!

My favorite authors:

toni morrison
comments: the bluest eye is a killer must read, and the song of solomon
lorraine hansberry
comments: to be young gifted and black, and a raisin in the sun.... i dunno know, they just seem to speak to me
Nikki Giovanni
comments: she took jane austen's place on this list cuz Ego Trippin is really activ. i love bein black, we have all the good poets :)
langston hughes
comments: mother to son- just listen to the words.... landlord- my brother read it to me when i as 6 and i like it soo much i still remember every word
zora neale hurston
comments: Their Eyes were watching God... i love all the hidden messages in it, and i love how janie falls in love

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