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First of all, I love to watch movies. I listen to music all the time, and the CD's I listen to most are usually soundtracks. In my spare time (I have some) I am either on the computer playing video games, or just hanging out with friends. In this diary, I feel I swear too much sometimes, so, I warned you. I hope you understand me.

Reading my entries will review/preview certain movies, attempt giving good advice and learning life's lessons, and will describe my days. Also, you sometimes could read "Quotes of the Day" that I chose myself. And maybe music that I have been listening to lately. I try to entertain. Read on. Please.

I apologize for the occassional mistake, you know, the kinds we all make. My entries aren't normally thought out beforehand and they're written on-the-spot (even though I tend to take my time when writing them). Every entry is uncut, unedited, and unrated. The purpose of this diary/journal/whatever is not to be my weekly story for a national newspaper, but it is here for an entertainment. So I hope you can enjoy it.

My favorite diaries:

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comments: One of the most interesting people in the world, I present: Emily.

My favorite music:

Coheed & Cambria
comments: Welcome Home, The Light and the Glass, 21:13
Nightmare Before Christmas
comments: An all-original soundtrack from the masterful Danny Elfman.
John Williams
comments: Composes the greatest soundtracks. I own his greatest hits. It's beautiful music.
Robert Rodriguez
comments: Of the band "Chingon," and he writes scores for his own films, and also did "Kill Bill Vol. 2"
Peter Gabriel
comments: I Grieve, Growing Up, Games Without Frontiers, Don't Give up

My favorite movies:

comments: I love the directing, enjoy the plot, love the acting, and love the drama. I also love the ending! I could watch this one more than once a week.
comments: Emotional. "Unexpectedly Funny." Has many characters you can easily like after one scene of a little character developement. Best film of 2005.
comments: Brilliant script, very well acted, and intestingly put together. Quentin Tarantino's #1 on my favorite director's list. Thoroughly entertaining.
comments: Entertaining throughout as a romantic comedy that just also happens to be the biggest action movie ever. Inventive.
comments: Awesome story and awesome acting and superb directing! The director also did "Se7en."

My favorite authors:

Ray Romano
comments: I've read his book "Everything and a Kite" many times. Its always funny, and especially if you like his show, read this.
Dr. Suess
comments: Rhyming doctor. Brilliant. He's becoming even more popular in movie business nowadays thanks to Ron Howard
Hunter S. Thompson
comments: "Fear and Loathing is Las Vegas:" My favorite book. So much so, that I don't care to see the movie. "Gonzo Journalism."
Roald Dahl
comments: I've read some of his books more than once, or twice. "The BFG" is one of my favorite books of all.
Chuck Palahniuk
comments: "There is nothing special in the world. Nothing magic. Just physics." -other diary quoted Author

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