Grace Under FIRE

Hello ya'll...I am a resident of the sunny side up state and this diary is to give all an inside view into what is going down in my life. In all of life's ups and downs, I urge you to remember these things. Without hope, nothing is possible; smiles ARE contagious; laughter adds years to your life; bad days make good ones even better. So jump into my world, climb into my brain, and experience life through my eyes.

My favorite diaries:

Sillimarci profile - diary
comments: Marci~what can you say?? She's Marci.
Edgarfrog profile - diary
comments: I want to marry this man!!! But he has issues.....deep seated get comfy this is gonna take awhile issues...
Unclaimed profile - diary
comments: Makes you want to move to England and do nothing but hang around the cable company.
Lettersanon profile - diary
comments: ~read quietly~there are secrets in here
Janene profile - diary
comments: She calls herself Nene....what a neat-o name.....I love her spirit, and admire her soul
Sera1231 profile - diary
comments: She is really....she is....just check out the info. page if you don't believe me...
Hodgson profile - diary
comments: Awesome guy!! And check out his web site! Talent and a plethora of garanamial cursewords, what more could any girl want?
Smartypants profile - diary
comments: Mimi rules the world of diaries. She is the queen and we are her subjects.
SquirrelX profile - diary
comments: Ohh, ohh, she's squirrely!
Traders profile - diary
comments: Diaryland trading cards
Secondclass profile - diary
comments: The roommate (or is it flatmate) of Devallyk.....I couldn't stop reading and laughing, laughing and reading...I want a button!!!
Mcclain profile - diary
comments: This guy sees things in his life that astound me...I couldn't help but start at the begining of his diary and read everything in it
Ryan8-5cut profile - diary
comments: T.H.E.R.A.P.Y. It can help, yes it can. I like him, he sounds just like me. At least I think so. Except for 99% of what he says.
Slickasgrace profile - diary
comments: I don't truly know why, but his writing struck a chord......maybe that is just the way that I wish a guy would feel about me one day....romantic loser that I am
Tvzero profile - diary
comments: Hmmm....I am putting this here as a bookmark of sorts so that I may go back and read at leisure
Iwrittenby profile - diary
comments: Part inspirational, part thought provoking. As a whole, pure genius.
Rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: What do you do when there's a monster in your parasol? Introspective and freshly original.
Miss-edith profile - diary
comments: Anal-retentive organizational skills at their best. Quality reading.
Thecoat profile - diary
Beagle47 profile - diary
comments: Poetry, prose; heart, soul. Beauty in words, and beyond wow.
Foreverlad profile - diary
comments: The taste of escape. Does it taste like chicken? If so, I am so on board! And bonus, Florida!
Dreamyautumn profile - diary
comments: One supermom, with a side of 3 wild and crazy kids. Served well mixed.
Sadgreeneye profile - diary
comments: One touch to my soul, and I was entranced. Hypnotism by eloquence.

My favorite music:

comments: I love the lyrics, the music, the atmosphere that they create.
Neil Sedaka
comments: WHO??? SInger from the 70's...he was my total fav until I was 16.
comments: She is the most awesome singer on this planet.
Wierd Al Yankovic
comments: Talk about pee yourself funny.
comments: Freaks like these making great music gives diversity to the world.

My favorite movies:

Monty Python's
comments: How hilariously funny are these guys?
Breakfast Club
comments: We are all misfits in life
The English Patient
comments: How beautiful is this love is not perfect, but if it's real, then it outlasts death.
High Fidelity
comments: Don't we all wish we could go back and revisit old flames to find out what went wrong??
comments: Life is rarely fair. Love is never. Here's lookin' at you kid.

My favorite authors:

George Orwell
comments: He was ahead of his time. 1984 is one of my fav books
Danielle Steele
comments: She writes about real life, real problems, real love. Sex is just a bonus.
The Tao of Pooh, The Te of Piglet
comments: Two books that look at life through the eyes of Pooh and his friends with a buddist spin.
The Velveteen Rabbit
comments: Nothing compares to the ideas expressed in this book. REAL is what we all strive to be.
Christopher Pike
comments: Read all his stuff when I was a teenager.......Sati is my fav.

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