four billion divided by six


My favorite diaries:

slightly-off profile - diary
comments: don't think I have forgotten you. Pressing play on my discman and thinking in terms of sweat drips on the backs of my thighs and awkward summer foreheads leaning comfortably, somehow, I wondered about madness and how one could love it patiently
facepunch profile - diary
comments: i marvelled at the wolf car for weeks. so many questions came to mind. where do you buy gigantic decals of a fatty wolf? if you put gigantic decals on your car, wouldn't you be really into washing your car all the time?
shaolinpunk profile - diary
comments: so many things one tries to talk his or herself into or out of in life, and i happen to be a pretty good salesman when it comes to shit like this. i just don't know if i'm a liar or not. and if you can't trust yourself, how can you move for
metalheart profile - diary
comments: train platforms full of broken glass and drunken laughs, have been home to me
serena profile - diary
comments: tomorrow I am going to pick up my last check from the casino and possibly drive around all night doing nothing to celebrate. I really know how to rock!
it-is profile - diary
comments: She can't even bleed anymore because she doesn't think she's alive.

My favorite music:

one groovy coconut
comments: when i asked her where was she from, she said 'how far out do you wanna come?'
the prodigy
comments: i'll take your brain to another dimension, hold it! pay close attention
none more black/kid dynamite
comments: we'll make some noise cause they'll never hear about it, then we'll destroy so they don't forget about it, we'll sacrifice what we have left to lose!
the specials
comments: and the only things you wanna see are kitsch, the only thing you wanna be is rich, your little pink up-pointed nose begins to twitch, i know you're just a little bitch!
the bouncing souls
comments: bouncing souls no one can beat us, we drink beer and wear adidas!

My favorite movies:

comments: everything is temporary. everything begins and ends and begins again. When I look ahead, I imagine infinite possible futures repeated like countless photocopies..
suicide club
comments: i'm the Charles Manson of the information age!
monty python & the holy grail
comments: supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony!
but i'm a cheerleader!
comments: you know who you are and you know who you want! ain't no one gonna change that, sheeeit. *snap*
pee wees big adventure
comments: good morning mr. breakfast!!!

My favorite authors:

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