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My favorite diaries:

queen-mab7 profile - diary
comments: her and I, we're just not common people, we're so young and lovely...
mexicanwrath profile - diary
comments: haven't heard from her in a while..eh? update!
glam-trash profile - diary
comments: she's a fellow pulpette, so she must be fab!
sageadvice profile - diary
comments: remeber his name..renton, renton!
blue-scribe profile - diary
comments: they sent me a lovely note and is a pulp fan, so they must be ace!
ghostinshell profile - diary
comments: her entries are rather hilarious...flattered that she has me as a fave diary...tee hee hee! grazie!
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: don't ask yet..don't know too much..doing some investigating..hmmmm...
rumblelizard profile - diary
comments: tee hee hee..he made me laugh..and here's one to blue velvet! :)

My favorite music:

comments: ah! i've been hoplessly devoted to jarvis since i was 16..ah! this whole engagment is driving me mad! oh yeah...and i also love their music...altough i do wish russel would come back....
comments: ah! fabulous live! grammy is my fave from the band...he's such a cutie...fave album....ah! i can't i love songs from every one...
comments: ah! his voice is marvelous...i love dancing to his music...ah!
comments: well, i enjoy him more inhis younger days...tasty, tasty! i love a man who puts so much effort into his looks...make up and all!
comments: eh! yeah, so he wasn't the best looking guy but his songs are delish! if i understood french, i'd probaby would've been in love with him too...

My favorite movies:

comments: this movie made me cry! and i'm not usually a cry baby for films.. so what if they commited a crime, they were such sweet friends!
comments: the first time i saw this film, it was alright, the second time i watched it, i loved it! i sing to all the songs and love the ending when hedwig is dancin and singing as hansel
comments: i love her! the way she dresses, the way she thinks..she's just so adorable!
comments: again, men in make-up in drag! tasty! i love riff raff..i got to see him preform at last years holloween fetish bal and became absolutly dreamy when he came on stage and began singing...oh! and i also looove tim curry as Frank N. Furter...tasty as well!
comments: it was based on a bunch of early glam rock singers and it has a terrific sounds track...and maxwell demon...grrrrrrrr...

My favorite authors:

comments: ah! his books are so funny! he speaks of his life and short little essays or stories, if anyone reads anythign of his..i suggest reading "Me Talk Pretty One Day" first! it's hilarious!
comments: this man can paint a vivid piture in your head with all his details and he makes me read about stuff i normally wouldn't take an interst in....but it's just the way he writes! he's fabulous!
forgot the name
comments: the author who wrote the book " A Kestral For Knave" ah! the story made me boo hoo.., well maybe not boo hoo, but it made me tear...
i know he's..
comments: not an author, but i had no more space! i have to update this more later...but how can i forget about my dearest jude law! mr. sparkling talent, lovely face and his dashing smile...ah! my heart goes pitter patter for the man
comments: ok, so he's only written one book, but i twas fabulous! (considering i used to want to be a macy's sale girl, i related the story on back to myself. he also like tom, fills your head with incredible details.

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