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How do I know that the name I hear spoken, the voice I hear in my heart, is Jesus? How can I tell that I have the right here, and not just another lie?

That's not easily answered.

It came to me in the form of years of whispered conversations, long discussions, true love, and lessons hard-learned. It was months of pain from divorce, bad choices, and false images of gods that could never hear me, let alone help me. It was having a disease that doesn't really hurt, but I never know if I'll even be able to walk tomorrow. It was observation of people who have the joy, life, and purpose that I was missing for so long. All these things combine to find a broken, miserable, hopeless person looking for something more.

The message of the Good News was spoken to me, whispered to me, shown to me, over and over in the life and actions of my current husband, and many other people in my life. The actions, the behavior, of a true Christian, a disciple of Christ, were exemplified in the people I cared about. And so my next action was to read the Good News I was hearing.

And you know what? Life isn't always happy, but in the end, the news is always good, and so, I am filled with the same thing I'm named for.


My favorite diaries:

lightedpath profile - diary
comments: A directory of Christian diaries. Go here if you're interested, but it won't be up and running yet. You can join the Notify List tho!
windshadow profile - diary
comments: My best friend of 13+years. How do you sum up 13 years of friendship?
drakkon profile - diary
comments: *Smiles*
alhanahstar profile - diary
comments: I started out liking her diary because of the cat, and her because she loves Rich Mullins, too, but now that I've gotten to know her, I think she's just cool. *waves*
b-w-p profile - diary
comments: Fellow west-valley-ite, and a fun diary!
lost-city profile - diary
comments: Just very cool, and thought provoking. . .*locked*
brdwaybebe profile - diary
comments: Christy is an awesome, incredible Sister in the Lord, and I'm so glad to have gotten to know her!
minstrelite profile - diary
comments: Anotehr good friend in the making, and a Brother I'd not trade for anything.
janie12975 profile - diary
comments: Janie is a great lady, and I'm praying for her. Times are tough, you should pray too. . .
opalanne profile - diary
comments: She listed me first, and I just noticed last night. She is a strong sister in the Lord, and I'm excited to get to know her better.
tobehis profile - diary
comments: I like her. She's into music, like I am, and her diary is very. . .Pink.:D
godsong profile - diary
comments: Beautiful. I'll be looking around!
toweroflove profile - diary
comments: A friend :)
offering profile - diary
comments: My prayer diary. If Drak thought this one is scary. . .:P
nuntobe profile - diary
comments: Sweet, and I love her.
mommyvader profile - diary
comments: My (might as well be) sister. At least I think so. Sometimes we lose touch, but she's never farther than a phone call.
morgaineldy profile - diary
comments: She started the Cowboy Mouth diary ring, and therefore, by default, is my kind of people!
raen profile - diary
comments: Awesome site!
eustilly profile - diary
comments: A fan of The Mouth and Newsboys. . .what more needs to be said?
tommy212 profile - diary
comments: Ok, another real CM fan. . .I know, I'm obsessive. . .
free2dream profile - diary
comments: Wonderful! Read her Profile!!!
ravynemyst profile - diary
comments: Not posting anymore, but she's still here, beacuse I can always hope!
ravynespeaks profile - diary
comments: Same as above.
no-map profile - diary
comments: ExWitch Diaryring. :D
prosperpine profile - diary
comments: ExWitch Diaryring. :D
glasgerion profile - diary
comments: ExWitch Diaryring. :D
the_moo profile - diary
comments: :D:D Mandy

My favorite music:

Cowboy Mouth
comments: "Let it go, let it go, let it go!"
Rich Mullins
comments: "In the world you will have trouble, but I leave you my peace, that where I am, there you may also be"
Jars of Clay
comments: "She breaths the air and flies away" (had to change it. . .;))
Chris Rice
comments: ". . .When I finally get to see you--Smile"
comments: ". . .When the big one finds you, let this song remind you that they don't serve breakfast in Hell!"

My favorite movies:

Shakespear in Love
comments: My husband and my first date.
The Importance of Being Ernest
comments: British comedy at it's best. It's a jab at Victorian British high society, and it was beautiful! Oscar Wilde. . . (out on DVD. . .Must buy. . .)
comments: League of Extrordinary Gentlemen. . .Hard to decide which movie to boot, but this one was AWESOME! But then, I love a good action movie. . .
Lord of the Rings!!!
comments: Ok, that's TWO great LOTR movies! (taps fingers waiting for RoTK)
Pirates of the Carribean
comments: That was about 100x better than it had any right to be, seeing as it was based on a RIDE!!!!

My favorite authors:

Ray Bradbury
comments: Amazing. A great man, and phenominal author.
Charles De Lint
comments: Modern folk-fantasy. Wonderful! Fairy's around every corner. He returns the wonder to the world, a little at a time.
Tad Williams
comments: Go to Shadowmach.com. The website and mesage board is actually attended by the man himself. Read anything by him!! He is one of the BEST!!!
The Left Behind Series
comments: Who knew I'd enjoy these books so much? Wow.
comments: Incredible works. His Narnia series saved me as a child, from dispair, and his Christian works have helped save me now, from lies, and thereby, death.

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