Just so you know...

...there are a few things about me. I'm gay, opinionated, thirty-four, partnered, a movie buff and a lover of electronic music. Anything else you wanna know? Check out my blog, sillyhead!

My favorite diaries:

bindyree profile - diary
comments: My bestest friend.
cutielatina profile - diary
comments: I just adore this sweet gal! Cuidate!
dailywisdom profile - diary
comments: Hmmm... Looks familiar, somehow! ;-)
danglemyfeet profile - diary
comments: Dangle my feet? I can't even dangle my balls!
flying-kiwi profile - diary
comments: Fruit with wings. Not really. I love this blog!
hcatty profile - diary
comments: A real sweetie. *hugs*
kstyle profile - diary
comments: Oh, he makes me smile. And I get this mysterious lump in my pants whenever we.... Never mind. ;-)
mackaj profile - diary
comments: He has such a huge... Um... Capacity to love! Yeah. That's it!
missmaggie03 profile - diary
comments: Shiloh!
ochweidnit profile - diary
comments: Wicked. Wickedly NICE!
onewetleg profile - diary
comments: Try two wet legs, hon. I just pissed myself. ;-)
requiel profile - diary
comments: <3
sw-iowa profile - diary
comments: I love this man. Very honest and intelligent. :-)
tmb profile - diary
comments: The first guy I met in DiaryLand, and a real sweetie, I must confess.
wench77 profile - diary
comments: Oh wenchie. You know I adore you!
no-map profile - diary
comments: Oh you sweet talker, you! :-)* I've known of this diary for quite awhile, and somehow I lost track.I *love* Nicole Kidman, btw!
devian profile - diary
comments: Somehow, I forgot to add my good friend Dev. Won't happen again, I assure you! :-)
obsidianfrog profile - diary
comments: A new friend. I love new friends! :-)
fwordslut profile - diary
comments: Complicated. I'm love it! :-)
meatpants profile - diary
comments: "If you can't stand the meat... Get out of the pants." HAHAHAHAHA! I like this fella. Honest and funny.
boomers----- profile - diary
comments: Wow. This guy's been to hell and back. Hope he updates soon! :-)
bexarkub profile - diary
comments: He emailed me, I checked out his diary -- long story short -- HE'S HOT! :) (and equally sweet)
lv2write00 profile - diary
comments: I love this blog. Nice layout. And lesbians! Don't forget my sistahs!
dukkha-tanha profile - diary
comments: Who gets Peter Brady? Let the fight begin! :-)
annie-m-s-b profile - diary
comments: Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE! Muah!
rosewind profile - diary
comments: This is one smart cookie. :-) She may very well have saved my online reputation as a genius! ;-)
bleedheart profile - diary
comments: I like her. I just do. Reminds me of myself when I was in school -- only female. ;-)
bettyalready profile - diary
comments: It was the Wonder Woman Underwear banner that sucked me into her vortex of words and mischief... Hehehe :-)
chickpea981 profile - diary
comments: I like her. Dammit! I think I'm in LOVE with her! ;-)
ktownbear profile - diary
comments: One of my very best friends here in DiaryLand
kiosh profile - diary
comments: Don't ever scare me again or I'm gonna kick your... ;-)
neangel profile - diary
comments: The myspace~DiaryLand connection begins here!

My favorite music:

comments: Breathe
comments: The Sweetness of My Pain
Alice Deejay
comments: Everything Begins with an 'E'
comments: The Power of Goodbye
Scissor Sisters
comments: Filthy and Gorgeous

My favorite movies:

comments: Child's Play series, Nightmare on Elm St. series, The Ring, Hellraiser series...
comments: The Stepford Wives, The First Wives Club, The Sweetest Thing, The Beautician and the Beast, Spanglish, As Good as it Gets
comments: Identity, The Forgotten, Signs, The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, The Village
Gay/Lesbian films
comments: Latter Days, It's My Party, Touch of Pink, Torch Song Trilogy, The Birdcage, More porn than you can imagine...
Superhero films
comments: Batman series, Spiderman series, Catwoman, Daredevil, Elektra, Hellboy, X-Men series

My favorite authors:

Lois Duncan
comments: Otherwise, I cannot be bothered with reading. To me, it's a waste of time.

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