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A British philosophy ex-student with too much time on her hands.

My favorite diaries:

cobwebfaerie profile - diary
comments: "So I sat through class, wondering what each of them could teach me, given the chance"
gingerfaerie profile - diary
comments: "Today I - SAT ON MY BUM ALL DAY! Yay! Now, if that isn't something to shout about, I dunno what is!"
summerkitty profile - diary
comments: "I saw a weddingdress shop right next to a funeral shop. It made me smile."
cassbah profile - diary
comments: " I think I actually *am* Dory, you know."
jaysta profile - diary
comments: "I don't like to sit with my family, pretending as if the world would be beautifull and we are one happy family. We're not, so why should we pretend?! "
saranoor profile - diary
comments: "Everyone you meet wears an invisible sign around his or her neck. It says, "Notice me. Make me feel special."
eandme profile - diary
comments: "Hello my name is Eandme, and I'm an Elijaholic. A hobosexual"
sykosarah profile - diary
comments: "Conform to save your life, by all means, but don�t sacrifice your dreams just to get along."
citysmad profile - diary
comments: "Men, testosterone bags of childish inconcidrate shite arsed hormones."
lazinger profile - diary
comments: "It really does suck monkey butt."
bizzarro profile - diary
comments: "I need to play RotK. Do you hear me? Middle-earth needs me! The Quest will fail if I am not mashing button faster than the speed of light while starting with glazed-over eyes at a 12" screen!!!!"
hoppers profile - diary
comments: "Anywhoozles..."
puh-lease profile - diary
comments: "Today is midsummer's eve, which is a big deal here in Sweden. You're supposed to sing and dance around a big stick. Yeah, we're not crazy."
nutty-kiddo profile - diary
comments: "I've realized that it probably isn't very economical to do all of your marketplace veggie-shopping at that very cute guy's booth. D'oh."
loca-banana profile - diary
comments: "I've always had this "change the world" attitude, but I don't think I could actually do it."
asphalted profile - diary
comments: "I tried and failed so fucking miserably that I should just go to England and get the queen to behead me."
pink-angel- profile - diary
comments: "Data is going to travel back in time and rescue me from the NHS and take me on board the enterprise to make love all night nurse the sick."
petsavage profile - diary
comments: An old uni friend. Well, not so old, really.
dianabee profile - diary
comments: This is the girl I always wish I could be
weymouth66 profile - diary
comments: You can get your kicks at route 66
angellivia profile - diary
comments: An old college friend who I really should take out to the pub more often.
livlove profile - diary
comments: "Is it bad when you've had a bad day and the last person you want to talk to is the one person you want to be close to?"
eddiedog profile - diary
comments: One of my best friends in the entire universe. And the universe is BIG.
l-luthor profile - diary
comments: The most original fanfic I have ever read. Lex Luthor's diary. Its very very good. Nuff said.
leonmcphelps profile - diary
comments: People without a sense of humour please leave now.

My favorite music:

Exile Inside
comments: - Battling the music industry, Jake Shillingford style
Tom McRae
comments: - mournful, beautiful, haunting. Sweet guy, too.
Billy Bragg
comments: - political singer/songwriter. Dances like my dad.
Kendall Payne
comments: - sung the theme song to Popular
My Life Story
comments: Now deceased. 90s 12-piece pop orchestra. All hail Jake!

My favorite movies:

Singin' in the Rain
comments: Gene Kelley. Singing. Dancing. The movie I grew up to.
Lord of the Rings
comments: Peter Jackson is god. Elijah Wood is gorgeous. It's a damn fine story too.
comments: Cheesy 80s pop hits and young Kevin Bacon make for a great movie.
My Neighbour Totoro
comments: Anime classic, kids movie, gorgeously shot.
comments: I relate to this movie, yet I'm not gay. Hmm.

My favorite authors:

Jeff Noon
comments: Cyberpunk author, master of the stream of consciousness, and Dom Monaghan's fave author. Northern, too.
Terry Pratchett
comments: This man can do no wrong. Lovely guy, funny books.
Agatha Christie
comments: A favourite for holidays and long journeys.
Douglas Adams
comments: "In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move. "

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