The Girl with the Dancing Eye's Eloquent thoughts

My favorite diaries:

elnurhope profile - diary
comments: the delightful and stunning naaaaaaaaaaadiaaaaaaaaa's lovely rambles
danladi profile - diary
comments: my beautiful timothy's appalling attempt at a diary
redshoegirl profile - diary
comments: beautiful, witty words from the pretty meg
egypts-dream profile - diary
comments: my lovely cleoleoleo
pickled-egg profile - diary
comments: love disguises flaws, friendship finds them
awittykitty profile - diary
comments: funny real life stuff
sans-doute profile - diary
comments: real life regrets in letters that remain unsent
bf-wanted profile - diary
comments: little lolo commits her real worries to words - these being that she has to many men and not enough time!
unsentletter profile - diary
comments: true blue words to the goddess of fate...

My favorite music:

the thrills
comments: cool, rocky yet poppy and alternative enough without being weird, with a very stunning lead singer
comments: lol - purely for the love of charlie's beautiful face
counting crows
comments: beautiful, beautiful songs with beautiful, beautiful words especially 'raining in baltimore'
letters to cleo
comments: funky and rock chicky songs from cool films like '10 things' and 'clueless'
and tons of other single songs
comments: 'shout' by lulu, 'black velvet' by alannah myles, 'hi ho silver lining' by jeff buck, 'i would walk 1000 miles' by the proclaimers, and the ever so special and never diminished 'you'll be in my heart'

My favorite movies:

crazy beautiful
comments: my absolute favourite film of all time - can't be put in to words
the english patient
comments: stunning
mary poppins
comments: it's part of who i am and i can say the whole film off by heart
4 weddings...
comments: full of characters i've known all my life and no matter how often i watch it, it can still make me laugh
breakfast at tiffany's
comments: do you have to ask?

My favorite authors:

isobel allende
comments: beautiful words and stunning covers
memoirs of a geisha by arthur golden
comments: indescribably life-changing
jane austen
comments: so witty and sarcastic before her time
william golding
comments: lord of the flies - fab!
the mitfords
comments: an obsession that can only be followed and understood by the delectable Mag

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