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My favorite diaries:

iamassie profile - diary
comments: Is it a porqupine? Is it a pine cone? Only Assie knows.
smurfette614 profile - diary
comments: In Indiana this girl runs a chian of crackwhoring businesses. She's an affiliate of mine.
mydreamstar profile - diary
comments: The lovely Jamerz Wamerz.
friday4488 profile - diary
comments: She has claimed I am a stalker. I have claimed she is a stalker. Let's just say, we still don't know who the stalker is.
unclebob profile - diary
comments: Yo. He's the shiznit.
finelilchica profile - diary
comments: Ms. Holly, I MISS YOU! <3 <3 <3 I still have to call you. : )
eternallyme profile - diary
comments: Bubba lovers unite.
tokcocktok profile - diary
comments: The next 13 year old ruler of the world...
idiotreviews profile - diary
comments: Tis my review site. You know you wanna request, sexy.
alliez profile - diary
comments: Ally, just simply rocks.
turelie profile - diary
comments: Super cool and super funny. She's a lot of things super, so she is just SUPERB!
bohemianrhap profile - diary
comments: Coming all the way from New Jersey, HEATHER! Come on dooowwwnnnnn...
mixtape- profile - diary
comments: Any person who doesn't have his diary linked, is on some major crack.
annachan profile - diary
comments: Anna, and her cool ass templates.
cielamara profile - diary
comments: I reviewed her diary at Idiots, and boy, I fell in love with the way she wrote. As she says, if you have limited english skills...don't even try to read it.
cosmicrayola profile - diary
comments: She's my cybergrandmothaaa. I adore her for what she has said about my writing. It almost makes me cry every time, someone like her, says I write so well. <3 <3 <3
falsefate profile - diary
comments: Justine! Justine! Justine! She's super cool and a super good writer!
sykosarah profile - diary
comments: Sarah's in the hizouse! Woop.
smalleyes profile - diary
comments: One word: Lovely.
clauren profile - diary
comments: A beautiful person.

My favorite music:

Dashboard Confessional
comments: I saw The Dashboard live and have become even more in <3. He's paid to make girls panic, right Cassie?
Ben Folds
comments: I want to be Kate...really. I do.
John Mayer
comments: I really did run through the halls of my high school, you know.
comments: Recently started listening to them and I believe that I will learn to love them.
comments: I recently started listening to them as well, and I as I said for Yellowcard, I think I'll learn to love them.

My favorite movies:

The Wedding Singer
comments: This is probably my favorite movie ever. No doubt about it.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail
comments: We are the nights who say, NI!
10 Things I Hate About You
comments: Probably the only movie to give The Wedding Singer a run for it's money.
comments: Ah, the greatness of Johnny Depp. Who can resist such fantasticness?
How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days
comments: Cute little plaid family. I saw one of those cute little families at Universal Studios...except they were wearing tie-dye, so they technically weren't cute.

My favorite authors:

Mary Higgins Clark
comments: I spent all 8th grade year, reading her books. Quite lovely, they are.
J.K. Rowling
comments: Probably the most brilliant and creative person to ever exist.
Dean Koontz
comments: I read Phantoms, and I am now addicted.
Nora Roberts
comments: I read the "Key Trilogy" and fell in love with her stories. A good romance novel is always a bringer upper on a rainy day. : )

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