"..a cancer on the face of everything that's beautiful.."

i hate my life right now. i really do.

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My favorite diaries:

death452 profile - diary
comments: me! my diary is the best on Diaryland. we all know this.
sicklystar profile - diary
comments: Jeff. He's an amazing person, i havent met anyone as fucking hardcore as him yet.
kurtgrunge85 profile - diary
comments: Kevin, kinda pointless having this here since his diary is locked. Check out EternalBrew
riotgirl05 profile - diary
comments: Allison. she seems cool, and well, i've always loved riots!
chubbychic profile - diary
comments: she doesnt seem worried about calories, and thats the best thing a person can do, not worry
unrockstar profile - diary
comments: She's really cool and has a great taste in music.
automouse profile - diary
comments: amazing writing style. however, he rarely updates now.
asimplemess profile - diary
comments: Rachelle. we dont really talk anymore because i'm very scared of what i'd say and what i'd feel... i'm so sorry.
boomsticular profile - diary
comments: Wayne, one of the most amazing people i've met in a long time.
eternalBrew profile - diary
comments: Kevin's new diary. he is the fucking CHAMP.
bundleofemo profile - diary
comments: Selina. Shes funny and perhaps a bit crazy, but in a good way.
oursecrets profile - diary
comments: a public diary.
Self-injury1 profile - diary
comments: "Fading scars, Must make more, Don't even know what , I'm cutting for."

My favorite music:

comments: Your words to me just a whisper, Your faces so unclear, I try to pay attention, Your words just disappear, 'Cause it's always raining in my head.
Marilyn Manson
comments: When you want it, it goes away too fast, when you hate it it always seems to last, but just remember when you think you're free, the crack inside your fucking heart is me.
comments: So I saw the angel girl, hang her wings by the door. Tired from the windy chill, guilt had forced her to land. 'I no longer know' she said. 'The way to fly myself home.'
comments: I know that there's a point I've missed, a shrine or stone i haven't kissed, a scar that never graced my wrist, a mirror that hasn't met my fist.
comments: My heart bleeds no more; now, it's been turned to stone. Your stomach feels sick for someone else. I've broken both my legs falling for you. Drag me on the ground.

My favorite movies:

Macross Plus
comments: Friends at war with eachother over a girl, all while piloting jets that can transfrom into robots. It doesnt get better than this.
Sweet Home Alabama
comments: man... i dont think i'll ever be able to fully and compeletly hat this movie. damn you Rachelle...
The Last Samurai
comments: A beautiful film in so many ways, i cant even start to explain how good this film is.
comments: The best independent film you could ever hope to see.
Requim for a Dream
comments: I almost cried. its an amazingly powerful movie i love the scene with the old lady talking to her son about how all she has to live for are her dreams. makes you wonder, what are you living for?

My favorite authors:

Frank Herbert
comments: My god, such imaganation!
J.D. Salinger
comments: very hardcore book, "A Catcher in the Rye"

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