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I am some girl, somewhere, in a small apartment with a blue screen glow on the wall. My glasses reflect long hours, typing, smoking, mulling over. I just don't have one of your lives. I never did. What I have to say is brutal, sometimes ugly. Starkly different from most girls my age. Sometimes I like it. Sometimes I want out. I like to tell stories. Some of them are true. Some of them are not. I will leave it to you to discern the fact, from the fiction in my life, and to learn if sometimes that's really all the same thing anyway. Mature themes, often.

Dreaded conversations could include: erotic fiction, tales of my life which sometimes sound like erotic fiction, bondage, domination, fetish, slavery, masochism, homosexuality, omni-sexuality, obsession, death, music, pain, suffering, self inflicted wounds, history, masturbational fixations, photographic explorations of disturbing fantasies, and what happened last week...

My favorite diaries:

fergie profile - diary
comments: When I began lavishly adoring an image that represented extreme parts of who I really am, accepting the rest was easy. *W.F.

My favorite music:

mindless self indulgence
comments: I'm fine, then I die. Holy shit!
acid bath
comments: the bones of baby dolls
michael nyman
comments: the theme from the piano
comments: Nomah's Land (from dead like me.)
meg lee chin
comments: deeper & nutopia

My favorite movies:

princess bride
comments: i know every line in the movie, somewhat like monty python as well (fetche le vache!)
The Two Towers
comments: you know what i really liked him in though, was Hildalgo.
comments: Sick: The Life & Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist
comments: I just found this the other day about/with R.C. H�rsch, haven't seen it yet:
Dead Like Me
comments: It isn't a movie, it's a dramatic series. Deadwood and Carnivale too.

My favorite authors:

jaqueline carey
comments: i have never heard a better term than anguisette
Phillipa Gregor
comments: the other boleyn girl
Art Spiegelman
comments: MAUS
Chuck Palahniuk
comments: Lullaby (yes, he wrote fight club.)
William Gaddis
comments: The Recognitions (french dictionary helpful if you don't speak the language.)

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