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In short, I'm pint-sized, pixie-esque and fairly mouthy.

To give you the long story, I'm 23, originally from the South Coast of England and I've just finished my degree in Computing from a London uni. I like llamas! And cheese! And wine! And cleaning!

If you want to read about my travels around New Zealand and read my witty(!), intelligent(!!) and often downright hysterical(!!!) witterings, please email me at [email protected] and I'll send you the magic keys to enter!

My favorite diaries:

laura14752 profile - diary
comments: Such a sweetheart, and such a wicked read!
castalia profile - diary
comments: Writes so eloquently and is super-intelligent - this girl is going places!
krugerpak007 profile - diary
comments: She's been through a tough time recently, but she's such a beautiful, strong woman with an immensely good heart.
frail-fairy profile - diary
comments: easy to read and beautifully written!
pumpkinhouse profile - diary
comments: Superbly articulate and funny!
juli-anne profile - diary
comments: Jules is one of those people that doesn't take shit from anyone and is one of my absolute favourite friends here. She is strong, funny, incredibly intelligent and beautiful, and I really love her!
psod profile - diary
comments: The first guy on my faves! Yay lads!
vanoonoo profile - diary
comments: Ex-Greenwich Student! Woo to Greenwichness!
transcend profile - diary
comments: Sort of peaceful to read
havorc profile - diary
comments: Halfway through so far, but has made me laugh openly - very down to earth and great reading
normaltoilet profile - diary
comments: Clicked through a banner, and just loved the diary!
shugge profile - diary
comments: I LOVE this guy - he gets British humour (badger, badger, badger, badger, badger....)
mrgrainger profile - diary
comments: I really understand what this guy writes about but can't get to his notes or email him to tell him
evelena72 profile - diary
comments: A relative newcomer, but I just really enjoyed the diary
avalonte profile - diary
comments: Sweet and funny and a truly lovely person
thevodkagirl profile - diary
ava-reborn profile - diary
secret-being profile - diary
icyjewel profile - diary
angeleyescia profile - diary
comments: We have a penchant for crazy Chinese men and spoons. Madness... but I like it that way!!
skinnylizzie profile - diary
comments: Fun and has a penchant for the word, "fantabulous"! And also a CASCF (that's Crusader Against the Shiteness that is the Crazy Frog), need I say more?
diablodiablo profile - diary
comments: My design site
thenoodle profile - diary
comments: A great read with intelligence and without pretention - honest and easy
razor-vixen profile - diary
comments: A new read, cool, down-to-earth and fun
mavenhaven profile - diary
comments: Another new read, made me laugh and that's good in my books!
hooch21 profile - diary
comments: Laughed so much a little wee came out
london-times profile - diary
comments: This lady is a funky, independent, travelly type - you rock!
theswordsman profile - diary
comments: New read, and a great read!
strawberrri profile - diary
comments: Another new read - another good 'un!
cbuk profile - diary
comments: It's been a while, but the babe is back and she's better than ever : )
skinnypics profile - diary
comments: skinnylizzie's photo blog

My favorite music:

comments: Oh, the cheesy rock reigns supreme! \m/
Zero 7
comments: Chilled and funky
Anything Made of 80s cheese
comments: Need I say any more?
Any classic tunes
comments: Crowded House, Mark Cohen, Bryan Adams, Skeelo, Whitney Houston, MJ, Prince, Pantera......

My favorite movies:

Shawshank Redemption
comments: Not being a "film" person, this is probably one of the only films that keep me glued to the screen
Legally Blonde
comments: Both of 'em - I can watch them for DAAAYS, which probably makes me a sad git. But whatcha gonna do about it, punk?!

My favorite authors:

Jane Green
comments: Writes lots of fabulous, escapist Chick Lit
Janet Fitch
comments: Wrote "White Oleander" which is probably the only "serious" fiction book I looooove
Bill Bryson
comments: Very dry humour and excellent travel writing combined

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