i'll color you blue through all your hard times...

i am just a girl searching for a way to be happy despite all the pain...

Urgh! I'm very annoyed and hate having to do it, but I have to lock my diary. Did I mention how annoyed I am? Please leave me a note and I promise that I will give you the un/ps. Sorry about all this! xxxooo

My favorite diaries:

aiming-thin profile - diary
ana4life profile - diary
comments: She was one of the first diaries I started to read...She just cracks me up! I could see us being really good friends if we lived closer.
anadoll profile - diary
comments: She just makes you want to grab her and give her a big hug. She's really struggling right now trying to kick the obssession...
rainbowsix profile - diary
blondiegrl24 profile - diary
comments: She doesn't really update that much anymore, but we are a lot alike.
blueeyes76 profile - diary
blueeyesblue profile - diary
comments: I consider her a very good friend...I just got to get my butt out east to meet her! :)
crzy4blues profile - diary
comments: "�the only good thing about being so sick is that I've lost a lot of weight. Not sure how much, but I'm thinner, which is ALWAYS a good thing."
dana-elayne profile - diary
comments: She just makes me smile everytime I read her entries. She's one of those teachers that I would have raced to looking for advice back in high school.
dimstar profile - diary
dissolving profile - diary
comments: "i lie to them when they ask me how i lost weight�the secret is that i cheated�the secret is that it took months of self-torture."
estratto profile - diary
fatnomore profile - diary
comments: "I am not anorexic. I am not bulimic. I do have an eating disorder. I obsess. I worry. I cry. I fight. I give in."
somewhat-ok profile - diary
comments: "I miss throwing up, I miss starving, why can't getting better be more easy and not so much like trying to walk up a down escalator?"
fluency profile - diary
comments: Another chick I really miss. She stopped updating once she chose to work towards recovery.
hungry-hippo profile - diary
imbuemyblue profile - diary
just-fine profile - diary
comments: She's going through a really hard time right now. I just wish I could be there with her to help her through it..
msboombastic profile - diary
comments: I just love reading about her ups and downs with teaching.
pigger18 profile - diary
rhondarubard profile - diary
comments: "When I walked into class today and saw my students waiting for me to begin teaching, I knew then that my life is worthwhile."
sad-doll profile - diary
comments: I just keep praying that she'll some day find what she's looking for...
prorecovery profile - diary
sharpsecret profile - diary
comments: She's one of those people that is a stead-fast friend and cares so much about others, while hating herself.
skinnyboney profile - diary
comments: "i just said that i'm neither ana nor mia, just sometimes when i'm stressed i stop eating"
sun-down profile - diary
thinwishes profile - diary
wilyred profile - diary
inanasarms profile - diary
im-infected profile - diary
sylviashadow profile - diary
perfectbone profile - diary
small-one profile - diary
miedema2002 profile - diary
laura-diane profile - diary
onecutabove profile - diary
tenderhook profile - diary
comments: She's back...*hopefully?*
roxiekitten profile - diary
New-Attorney profile - diary
comments: Hippo's "grown-up" life :)
tellwilliam profile - diary
lisse profile - diary
glaube19 profile - diary
comments: no idea where you're at anymore! :(
sadlypoetic profile - diary
comments: maybe here??? bah!!!

My favorite music:

My favorite movies:

Girl Interrupted
Big Daddy
White Oleander
Good Will Hunting

My favorite authors:

John Grisham
Mary Higgins Clark
& a gazillion children's book authors...

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