i don't pop like that.

empty-dreams is composed of alcohol induced stupidity, chemically enhanced euphoria, nicotine fixation, self-loathing and white lies that spill over my yellow teeth.

My favorite diaries:

hose-clamp profile - diary
comments: i miss you so much it hurts sometimes
cabrona profile - diary
comments: like gum. you wanna take her in your pockets everywhere.
indyqueen profile - diary
comments: harmoneeeeeeeee.. she rocks.
unknown- profile - diary
comments: the fates conspire
me-at-random profile - diary
comments: seattlite. sfo. nyc. she goes everywhere.
apockalyptik profile - diary
comments: intriguing
Note-a-finger profile - diary
comments: "Ladies, time to discuss that elephant in the room that we've all been ignoring--namely, your leaky urethras."
harthecanute profile - diary
comments: sort of like unknown hinson

My favorite music:

being lazy

My favorite movies:

puking is
comments: focus features
a lot
comments: flat black studios
like pringles
comments: charlie kaufman
once you pop
comments: natalie portman makes me do things that are even illegal on the internet and in mexico
you just cant stop

My favorite authors:

Pierre Grimes
comments: 'true believers are dangerous to themselves and to others because they have sacrificed their understanding for the certainty of their faith'
comments: 'a witty saying proves nothing'
comments: tis' but a dream within a dream
Rudyard Kipling
comments: 'if you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken'
comments: 'i hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me.'

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