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My favorite diaries:

machewlotan profile - diary
comments: a brown paper package tied up with string
jenspeare profile - diary
comments: an opal, with fiery red glow, cool blues and hazy yellow sparks.
benjamon profile - diary
comments: a lindt chocolate ball...dark chocolate.
cuillin profile - diary
comments: a rose with a thorn.
tithonus profile - diary
comments: a night sky blanketed in stars
jeanisdead profile - diary
comments: a shot of tequila
throwingjuly profile - diary
comments: a ray of sunshine filtered through branches in a forest
I-Girl profile - diary
comments: a buzzing mosquito stopped dead in its tracks
musicjunkie profile - diary
comments: a rainbow after a storm
usinclair profile - diary
comments: a hot coffee and a cigarette
honungslen profile - diary
comments: a sunset mirrored on the ocean
hayl-storm profile - diary
comments: a punnet of red ripe strawberries
elipsis profile - diary
comments: a warming mouthful of good red wine.
sins-to-tell profile - diary
comments: a big stinky fart that repulses you and makes you feel a hell of a lot better at the same time
regrets profile - diary
tinka-bella profile - diary
the-pigman profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: greatest aussie cover band ever,a brother sister duo, seek them out! a brilliant rendition of wonderwall, american pie and many nick drake songs..,
Bob Dylan
comments: well it aint no use to sit and wonder why babe, if a you dont know by now!
Not forgetting:
comments: pulp, weezer, ben folds five, radiohead, old U2, nick drake, the cure, my drug hell, miles davis, jeff buckley, the beatles, portishead, the bangles, blondie, you am I, augie march, the who, elliott smith, the flaming lips, the waifs, dappled cities fly
Wish I didnt like but secretly do:
comments: oasis-whats the story morning glory, the dawsons creek soundtrack. its sad but true.
Favourite Soundtracks
comments: amelie, the royal tenembaums, twin peaks, reality bites, about a boy, trainspotting, i am sam, shooting fish, empire records, high fidelity

My favorite movies:

the princess bride
comments: INCONCEIVABLE as it may be, this is just the bestest ever! certainly better than being unemployed, in greenland. just ask andre.
reality bites
comments: ben stiller is the master of all of my mid nineties angst. is there a support group that i can join to come to terms with my own trendophobia?!
Twin Peaks
comments: the twin peaks television series, all 29 episodes rock my fucking WORLD. bestest ever, and i do not use the term favourite loosly when referring to twin peaks. i seriously love these guys..
the royal tenembaums
comments: a champian of the obscelete vernacular, this is way up there in my top five
Amelie, Y tu mama tambien. the devils backbone. about a boy. high fidelity. like water for chocolate, sound of music...
comments: point break, sixteen candles, the breakfast club, fast times at ridgemont high, ferris buellers day off, the goonies..

My favorite authors:

paulo coelo
comments: oh bless. if ever you feel like killing yourself, read veronika decides to die first, then the alchemist, by the river piedra, the devil and miss prim ect and be inspired! b very inspired!!
JD salinger
comments: man i wish i was a child genius.. and could smoke all the time
but wait there's more..
comments: hanif kureishi, gabriel garcia marquez, enid blyton, hari kunzru, joe orton, f.scott fitzgerald, isabel allende...

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