The Days are Just Packed

Once upon a time, life handed a boy lemons. Pondering the situation, the boy took the biggest lemon and nailed life in the face with it. Then the boy turned around and ran like a scared little girly-man. This journal is the story of the chase that followed.

My favorite diaries:

david-reed profile - diary
comments: One of the greats, one of the Jungle Gym Boys. It's sort of amazing to be just a little bit in awe of someone who's just a little in awe of you.
ladyanele profile - diary
comments: As many times as I've heard the word "savior" in my life, nobody told me she'd be short female pagan living in BFE. Elena is responsible for the best vacation of my entire life. I once taught her godson to "Palabra"
mskaos profile - diary
comments: Misty understands the humor of Thai Hookers. Some of her writing really just... blows me away.
rizlette profile - diary
comments: Misty's sister. Short. Odd. Fragmented. Hilarious.
factoidsam profile - diary
comments: I once spent paragraphs explaining to her the extent to which she is beautiful. She smiled and called me emo.
niki-chan profile - diary
comments: Dirty livejournal traitor. We love her anyways. I suppose.
augustdreams profile - diary
comments: She loves the zoo, animals, hot chocolate, and zombie movies. She has conversations with her dog, which I find mildly disturbing. Only because the rabbit talks to me.
saifu profile - diary
comments: Kevin's my grandfather in the diaryland way of things.
perceptions profile - diary
comments: I have issues with listing the guy, because he's already the favorite of over 2000 dlanders. This is causes serious envy on my part. But I can't hide it anymore. The guy amuses me. I like to read it. I'd like to write like him
bluekitten profile - diary
comments: I wish I knew her new password.
forsakenmind profile - diary
comments: Melissa, sender of encouraging emails. I'm going to meet her at the greek festival in about a month.
name4mo profile - diary
comments: Failed attempt to inspire someone else's online diary, Take 2
adiemonster profile - diary
comments: My upgrade, my 2.0. Heather's like a mosh pit at the opera. You don't know what the hell is going on, but you feel lucky for getting the chance to watch it happen, and privelidged if you're a part of it. There aren't words for much
lilaboc profile - diary
comments: The best friend I made in high school, also a founding member of the jungle gym boys. They (whoever the hell that is) say you can tell a lot about a person by the friends they keep. So whoever wants to understand me, really has to read Billy.
webers profile - diary
comments: Run Charlie, Run! I tease. No, really, I tease.
miserywinter profile - diary
comments: Sometimes writes, sometimes abandons. Annie's not "special", but she really is special.
mcdiary profile - diary
comments: I've laid the I-10 to waste with her, and we've bared our souls a hundred times over. Someone who can be leaned on. Clara's just awesome.
mabendaba profile - diary
comments: So far the only girl to travel a thousand miles just to visit me. Utterly lovable, totally adorable.
bluegrapes profile - diary
comments: There's few people on this earth who I've been able to talk so freely with, after knowing for such a short time. The female version of me, except for a few life-altering experiences, and a butterflies for Billy.
angeline-is profile - diary
comments: Lissa once defined me with magnets. She "EEE!"'s a lot. Likes cats.
o-c-d profile - diary
comments: In the diaryland way of things, they're like grandchildren. Max and Kat are, well, cool cats.
katy-bug profile - diary
comments: I hopped a link from Clara's diary, the "lifelines crossing" entry. I'd link it, but she's passworded and I don't know it. Stupid exclusive clubs.
libathena profile - diary
comments: Graceful but goofy, Elegant and eccentric, she and Jen are the first friends I ever made on the road.
junglest profile - diary
comments: Jen IS the coolest 17 year olds anywhere. If she were a guy, she could be a jungle gym boy. Maybe we'll start a female chapter, sort of an outreach program. Jen takes fate into her own hands, usually by stealing fortune cookies.
calbeauty profile - diary
comments: Pantea, another great friend I made in high school.
Nabthataron profile - diary
comments: I first got to know Mike right around the time we'd both given up on ever fitting in. We hit "Strange" with a vengeance together, weirding out classrooms with oral reports on alien abductions and government conspiracies.
Broadstreet profile - diary
comments: We did time working Staples together. Eric has one of those "Screw this, I'm quitting" attitudes that are refreshing yet static, as despite it's authenticity, it never actually led to him quitting.

My favorite music:

Foo Fighters
comments: Few can make a song that's outdone only by it's acoustic version
comments: Fragmented and nerdy, with a certain undertow of cool.
comments: First CD I ever purchased had a naked baby floating in a pool.
comments: Because "The Way" is a certain kind of incredible.
Blind Melon
comments: All I can say, is that my life is pretty plain. I like watching the puddles gather rain.

My favorite movies:

Big Fish
comments: The closest I ever came to crying in a theater. Made me remember what it was like to believe.
The Matrix
comments: It's a geek's wet dream. Realizing you're important, learning kung fu, and free leather trenchcoats and guns, all in one day.
comments: It's an 80's movie. Fireworks, skydiving, beer... Like any movie that's ever truly been worth watching, it's about a journey. Hands down, my favorite movie of all time.
The Princess Bride
comments: It doesn't belong in a guy's top5 list, but the truth is, everything that makes a movie good, this movie has. Action, adventure, fantasy, romance, comedy. It's one of the all-time most quotable films out there, but you're inclined to
Wayne's World
comments: Taught us that all the world's problems can be solved headbanging to Bohemian Rhapsody. Someday I'm going to perfect changing reality with "didalyoop... didalyoop..."

My favorite authors:

Douglas Adams
comments: I have a towel signed by him, framed.
Dr. Seuss
comments: It's ironic that most of his stuff is over the head of your average adult.
C.D Payne
comments: "Those who can successfully resist temptation invariably lead depressingly stunted lives"
Bill Watterson
comments: Two of the greatest influences on the way I look at the world around me are Calvin and Hobbes, the 6 year old and his pet tiger.
Douglas Coupland
comments: He may be a writer, but he HAS to be a geek. There's no other way "Microserfs" could have been as good.

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