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I love to ride 4 wheelers with my friends and neighbors in the pasture behind my house. My little brother is my best friend (our age diff. isnt that much) My best friends names are Lynda,Ashley,Jp(my bro)Mom,and Hannah oh and i love scorpions!!

My favorite diaries:

My favorite music:

comments: Although all their songs sound about the same , they have my brother and I's favorite song.
3 days Grace
comments: Some of their songs get played when im angry at my parents or someone from school. I personally thing that their an angry group but still have the soft side of them lingering around in some of their songs.

My favorite movies:

comments: Great movie!! but now Jessica Alba cut her hair off and dyed it Blonde! Shes pretty no matter what though
Anchor man
comments: Ha ha ha! its soooooooo funny. ill put a quote but you have to see it to get the full effect! {in a high pitched voice like asking a question} " Im Ron Burgandy??"
Pulp Fiction
comments: Wouldnt reccomend it if you dont like guns, John Travolta or Bruce Willis

My favorite authors:

Dean Koonz
comments: His books are great to read and most of the time its hard to figure out sho the killer is or who did what
Steven king
comments: Wow! "IT", come on must i say more? Ok i will, he has a great book called Tommy Knockers, but most all of his books are turned into movies to spare you from reading them

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