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I'm a college grad with some pretty strange thoughts and a pretty weird life, trying to figure out how this whole "adult" life works! Yet sometimes, all it takes is somewhere to vent to believe that it's all okay in the end.

My favorite diaries:

inaccordance profile - diary
comments: The rantings of the other half of my... well, everything. Scary as that sounds, it's sadly very true.
lindzeeleigh profile - diary
comments: Lindsey. We met through Lynsae, and now we talk all the time and know all kinds of random details about each other's lives!
peasantwench profile - diary
comments: Morgan makes cool skirts. And besides, it's fun to read about someone in the same city. It's better when you recognize things.
disassemble profile - diary
comments: Sometimes I find it very hard to believe that we're the same age.
freefalling profile - diary
comments: I want to meet Lara someday, if I ever get the chance.
unchallenged profile - diary
comments: In some ways, she reminds me of myself 5 years ago.
bassclargrrl profile - diary
comments: "What sucks more is when your neighbor comes over to see you, the kids, and the horses and only sees the horses."
lasvegasliz profile - diary
comments: "I want him to know. I want him to think about it and eventually be aroused by it and then at some point, be worried about it."
miss-miami profile - diary
comments: "I was putting on eyeshadow and then realized that eyeshadow is made from fish scales, and isn't that a little gross?"
restlessly profile - diary
comments: "I didn't feel like waking up, I didn't feel like going to work. I forced myself to wake up, of course. One has to survive, after all."
gabriela83 profile - diary
comments: "Some boys do really suck. Others don't."
special-ones profile - diary
comments: "I really don't know why I even bother writting out entries, half the time the quotes I use say more about what I'm thinking than my entries do."
heavenlyging profile - diary
comments: "My stomach hurts and I truely suspect that the chicken wasn't cooked. Yeah, my own fault but damn, they seemed cooked."
yvette18 profile - diary
comments: "Geez, so much stuff on my plate right now, oh well, that is how it is in when you are an adult. I know it will get much better once I am out of college, and in the "Real World" with real utility bills to pay, real car notes to pay, and pay
desmondj profile - diary
comments: "Timezones can bite my ass! I want to be able to speak to my friends for a nice long time, without the interruptions of work and sleep and sunrise. I don't want it to cost a million dollars either."
thespark profile - diary
comments: Hmm. Community, hey?

My favorite music:

My favorite movies:

Moulin Rouge
comments: I can sing the entire "Elephant Love Medley." I absolutely love this movie. It's amazing.
Dirty Dancing
comments: "I've had the time of my life, no I never felt this way before... It's the truth I swear, and I owe it all to you!"... Nah, we don't know anyone who looks like Patrick Swayze! :o)
comments: Everyone needs a fairy tale to hold onto when life gets too real.
The Princess Bride
comments: You've been in a youth group for more than a year without watching this? Inconceivable!! Ah yes, it doesn't get better than this...

My favorite authors:

comments: Well, he is the Author of Life--doesn't that count for anything?! I'd say that people's lives are something worth reading!
C.S. Lewis
comments: Sometimes, life is deeper than it appears
Max Lucado
comments: Somehow, it feels like coming home for a good coffee chat.
Madeleine L'Engle
comments: I got reaquainted with her when Lyns and I were reading "The Other Side of the Sun" out loud to each other; now I can't get enough!

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