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My favorite diaries:

shell5847 profile - diary
christian392 profile - diary
comments: The cool dude that lives in SCOTTLAND! . . . haha . . . inside joke.
doggiepaws profile - diary
comments: My friend Rachel!!
gumphood profile - diary
comments: A dude. ^_^ Cool Diary.
astro-cat profile - diary
comments: One of my best friends from school! READ HER DIARY AND SEE THAT DIB'S HEAD IS BEAUTIFUL!!!

My favorite music:

Dixie Chicks
comments: The only band that makes me cry continuously with their sad songs, and smile when I hear their good songs - the best of both worlds.
comments: An awesome band that kept me company all those months ago last year when I got dumped, I love their break up songs, though most make me cry and now their jaded to me and I can barely ever listen to them.
Brooks and Dunn
comments: Yea! Only in America - where we dream in Red, White, and Blue! Only in America, where we dream as big as we want to!
Matchbox 20
comments: The artists responcible for making my favorite music video ever! "If Your Gone" rules all!
Jimmy Eat World
comments: Yep, cause it dosen't matter what other people think of you, it only matters what you think of yourself . . . now if only I could get myself to believe that . . .

My favorite movies:

X-Men (2)
comments: Both the original and the secqual, if only Toad haden't died I'd like it even more - he's my favorite mutant ever, but Pyro kicked so much butt and was just so hott (even if his looks wern't too good) I loved him, and I suppose he'
Milo and Otis
comments: My favorite movie since I was about four or five, because it's a wonderful peaceful story about the lives and friendship of a pug puppy and a gray kitten and how they grow up and come back to live on a farm they were born on with their new family tha
Fight Club
comments: FINALLY! A good movie about someone with a crazy and overactive imagination, I love this move, and Brad Pitt just makes it all the more better.
Star Wars
comments: Mostly the first three, but the new ones are good too, expecially with Kenobi. But Han Solo is the guy who first caught my intrest, and Harrison Ford is my favorite actor ever! (Now if only I could destroy all evidence of his new movie with Josh Harnett .

My favorite authors:

K. A. Applegate
comments: The wonderful and imaginative lady that wrote "Animorphs"!!! I love those books!!!
Lemony Snicket
comments: The poor soul who is devoted to writing out the miserable story of the lives of the Baudelaire orphans for the public to see
Dave Pelzer
comments: The wonderful and couragous man whom wrote and lives through the stories in "A Boy Called It," "The Lost Boy," and "A Man Named Dave"
V. C. Andrews
comments: The brilliant suthor of the cunning and clever words string together in "Flowers In The Attic" and "Petals In The Wind"
Micheal Chichton
comments: Known by me for his wild imagination in writing "Jurassic Park," and "The Lost World" which became movies (though the books are better) but has written many other books too that I have not gotten the pleasure of reading.

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