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My favorite diaries:

hugnkis074 profile - diary
comments: "first of all, let me just say, that hardees had the biggest fucking 'small' cheeseburgers in the universe. hot damn."
lostmarble profile - diary
comments: "If people actually read these entries for entertainment, it's a testament to either that I'm talented enough in writing to cover up the fact that I'm writing about the most mundane subjects, or that readers are more boring than me.
violyns profile - diary
comments: "It's amazing how just being in the same room with someone can make you feel totally safe and calm. It's almost as if the world has righted itself after a horrible earthquake or hurricane. Anyway, enough of that?"
hags888 profile - diary
comments: "I often wonder what would happen if I stood up in the middle of a New York Phil concert at Lincoln Center and started yelling, 'FUCK ME....WHOOP THERE IT IS!!!!' while ripping my shirt off and swinging it around over top my head."
sfaok profile - diary
comments: "music is about passion. not about money, or how cool the clothes are. i hope someday record companies start putting out lesser known artists in attempt to make music, not dollar bills."
damfest profile - diary
comments: "I'm usually the kind of person who keeps his thoughts to himself (or writes them online)."
insomniac84 profile - diary
comments: "I registered for skool today. It made me realize just how much I hate people."
iluvtunes profile - diary
comments: "I just don't get it. How in the hell is it possible to actually 'miss' someone when you've never even MET them???"
conraldo profile - diary
comments: "Sure, I have an ego, but at least mine arises out of the fact that I can and do easily out perform everyone else."
fragile-hope profile - diary
comments: "I don't know what to say. For the first time in a long time, I can't quite complain about something."
ferg profile - diary
comments: "If I have to put up with any more of your goddamned shit I am seriously going to kill you. Grrr. FUCK."
sparkysatoru profile - diary
comments: "Why is it that people live in their own little world where they are 'el umbligo del universario'...(that is "the belly button of the universe.)"
leonmcphelps profile - diary
comments: "I was stripped down to my boxers, but most of the other guys were to. It wasn't gay, very masculine. We sat and played truth or dare later, and then skins and skins Greco Roman Wrestling directly after the card game. It was cool, not gay, cool.
red-savannah profile - diary
comments: "This shit is ridiculous...now, I'm all for hiring the disabled. They have just as much a right to work as anyone else, but I seriously disagree with making a woman who is completely deaf a 911 operator."

My favorite music:

The Beatles
comments: Out of college, money spent; See no future, pay no rent; All the money's gone, nowhere to go; Any job, I got the sack; Monday mornings, turning back; Yellow lawry stone, nowhere to go
Paul Simon
comments: Two disappointed believers, two people playing the game; Negotiations and love songs are often mistaken for one and the same
The Dismemberment Plan
comments: Go down the checklist, let's see, feelings are good; Course, honesty is bad, and keeping it inside is worse still
The Magnetic Fields
comments: When things go wrong, I sing along; It is the nature of the business; But you're not here to make my sad songs more sincere
comments: Dance floors, all the talk shows; Hot dogs, No Doze, hot sex in back rows, you know; Hyundais, trick-down and Christmas in July; 6.2%. . . yeh. . . you fill in the blanks

My favorite movies:

High Fidelity
comments: I miss her smell. And the way she tastes. It's a mystery of human chemistry that I don't understand, some people, as far as their senses are concerned, just feel like home.
Groundhog Day
comments: Well maybe the real God uses tricks. Maybe He's not omnipotent, He's just been around so long, He knows everything!
Punch Drunk Love
comments: Shutup, will you shutup? Shutup! Shut Shut Shut Shut Shutup! Shutup!!
The Bride Of Frankenstein
comments: You. Stay. We belong dead.
Godzilla Vs. The Thing
comments: Emergency, Emergency, Godzilla is approaching, this is real! AINGHYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-OOOOOONGGGYAAAAAM-NNGG!!

My favorite authors:

i don't
comments: read much
and if i do
comments: i tend not to read just because of a certain author
that seems risky
comments: and potentially really stupid
not to mention there's only
comments: five choices, which makes things even more limited
Douglas Adams
comments: :)

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