Diary of an Overworked College Student (Beware)

Hello! My friends call me Duck (though older entries say Racecar or Rukia, two of my other nicknames) and I'm a twenty six year old woman going to college (again, I'm on my second bachelor's degree, this one in Computer Science), hopefully to get a good job and meet new people. I love to watch tv, read books, listen to music and go on my computer.

I'm kind of shy, so if you leave a note or guestbook entry and get a weird repsonse, that's probably why. I hope to someday come out of hiding and learn to enjoy life with people who enjoy being around me. As you can tell, I'm bad at this.


My favorite diaries:

dubyah profile - diary
comments: I wish I could write something witty to make you want to read this, just know that it's a guy pretending to be the president's diary, so he never updates. Too busy making laws, I guess.
suckasspoems profile - diary
comments: These poems are so stupid, it's funny!
squareone profile - diary
comments: This is my lyric diary with soapypjs. It's really nice, though I don't know if anyone's heard of some of the songs I've posted! : )
andrew profile - diary
comments: I find this diary hilarious! If I could only be this unintentionally funny, I think I would become a comedian. There's not one entry I don't laugh at, but maybe that's just me.
unclebob profile - diary
comments: He's funny, too. It's kind of strange how there are so many funny people on Diaryland whose diaries I never read. Hmmm....
kissmemister profile - diary
comments: I like reading her entries, she kind of reminds me of me if I was interesting in high school
musicman6724 profile - diary
comments: I keep forgetting to add him, but it's nice to read a fellow Red Sox fan's diary
abetterme33 profile - diary
comments: 49
nextdoortome profile - diary
comments: I keep seeing this on the recent entries thing. I've been through a similar thing myself.
decemberguy profile - diary
comments: I found this diary the same way. I bookmarked it, but the bookmark doesn't work. Firefox is bad like that.
skeletonjack profile - diary
comments: Another diary I found. I wanted to read it, but I know I won't unless I put it here. I should try and say hi to these people.
theswordsman profile - diary
comments: Another diary I like. I find it inspiring that this guy just keeps going no matter what.
bemysmile profile - diary
comments: This girl reminds me a bit of me, if I was younger and not so irritable.
onthe1ns1de profile - diary
comments: The entry titles sound like mine, so I had to add it.
beesbitmyass profile - diary
velvetdrop profile - diary
fan4 profile - diary
comments: She added me, but I was too lazy to add her back right away.
animegrrl profile - diary
comments: I knew I had to add her the minute I saw her awesome Rukia layout.
rs-forever profile - diary
comments: She left a note for me, but I can't leave a note back, though I like her diary.
cloudy-night profile - diary
sunflowerowl profile - diary
c-major profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: They're probably my favorite band, or horribly close, I don't even know what band is my favorite anymore!
Ted Leo & the Pharmacists
comments: I just love their cds, the lyrics are great and the songs themselves sound so awesome I'm not sure why I like them so much, but I really do.
Exploding Hearts
comments: I got their lone cd and it was awesome, though it makes me sad that there won't be another one.
Jets to Brazil
comments: There is still a chip in my head, and I almost always want to listen to them. It's their lyrics that are so great and I love Blake's rough voice.
The Weakerthans
comments: I really love their music, it's so pretty but in a kind of sad way. I love pop type music, in case you don't notice. I also like:Badly Drawn Boy, Sheryl Crow, Ryan Adams,Travis, Ash, Jawbreaker, Modest Mouse, Fountains of Wayne, etc.

My favorite movies:

This is Spinal Tap
comments: I can't describe how funny I think it is. If you get the DVD version, it's even better! They have a whole discussion on the blackness of black!
Ghost World
comments: I don't think many people have seen this movie, but I thought it was really good, especially the beginning.
Shaun of the Dead
comments: I love this movie, but not a lot of people know what it is. It's a funny zombie movie and it's probably my favorite movie of 2004, if not close.
Punch Drunk Love
comments: I don't know why I like this movie, probably because I relate to Barry so much, except I'm not that neurotic. It's a good movie, though.
Ferris Buellers Day Off
comments: I saw this in someone else's profile and realized I liked it too. I still want to know what happened to Cameron, though. He was the best character!

My favorite authors:

Sarah Dessen
comments: She's a young adult author. Most of her books are my favorites.
Jerry Spinelli
comments: "Stargirl" is one of my favorite books. I get bonus points for spelling his last name right!

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