A Singular Point

I am an Artist, Activist, Kinkster, Dyke... in that order. I work abstractly, based on the theme of desire... I'm kinda kinky, I often theorize (rant/mumble) about art sex, gender and power. Though many times I just rant (or rave, depending)about my sex-life, homelife, and art life.

My favorite diaries:

come-clean profile - diary
comments: Someone who most likely knows folks that know folks, that know folks that I do.
badsnake profile - diary
comments: This is a wilde one alright. And a hottie too. And kinky. Laundry Casualties abound!
angelbutt profile - diary
comments: The angel has a pig by the snout!
ergoatla profile - diary
comments: One of the banner kids... anyone who thinks about brunch and sex is OK in my book.
rojodiablo77 profile - diary
comments: This one likes David Wojnarowitz. And this one's got style, and a sinister finger on the irony button.
iambound profile - diary
comments: Beautiful sexy eloquent writing-- With a catholic twist I can appreciate
anenigma profile - diary
comments: one of the "wittier than thou" club
weetabix profile - diary
comments: Oh those Wacky middlewestiners with their serroogy's eggs.
madrigle profile - diary
comments: There is something magical about the phrase: "I hate waking up with my face in a wet spot"
quoted profile - diary
comments: Come back Quoted!
kuinileti profile - diary
comments: Beautiful, Blue Eyes. And some fantastic ways to communicate those ordinary moments.
purplefinch profile - diary
comments: A dear friend who I wish I could be there for...
oblivia profile - diary
comments: A darling kinkster. Well collared!
cubiclegirl profile - diary
comments: Cubicle girl does what 4 fabric walls won't do for a person.
deardenzel profile - diary
comments: The keenest sex advice around.
charmcity profile - diary
comments: good good good good good.
perceptions profile - diary
comments: Selectively avoiding "No trespassing" signs for your enjoyment.
gawain profile - diary
comments: I'll go to this guy's candlelight vigil anyday.
edithpilaf profile - diary
comments: yum
inkwell profile - diary
comments: Did someone say houseboy!?
herworship profile - diary
comments: Worship her. Ok? Good.
fucktitles profile - diary
comments: Wherein Kingdoms are exchanged for fuckbots
unclebob profile - diary
comments: Say UNCLE! say IT!
anat profile - diary
comments: she bowed down to me until she changed her layout... but I like her still.
halfdevoured profile - diary
comments: New to the list, a note to spend some time when I have it.
thetempgirl profile - diary
comments: Ha! Reasons to not Temp.
glitterkick profile - diary
comments: garbage handstands and all.
hodgson profile - diary
comments: Gawain said so.
wicked-sezzy profile - diary
comments: Supah Cute... witty too.. perhaps a new "straight girl crush"
chest-pains profile - diary
comments: DRUNK!
truckeratlas profile - diary
comments: Someone once said... "He's a Consumate Human Being" I believe them.

My favorite music:

Supreme Beings of Leisure
comments: Yum
Jane Siberry
comments: www.janesiberry.com... wonderfully airy, and hermetic lyrics
Over the Rhine
comments: www.overtherhine.com ... "If i'm walking across your heart"
comments: Automatic Taxi Stop, Electric Cigarette... The Drummer now backs up poets at a primo, local slam.
Sinead Lohan
comments: I am no mermaid...and i am no fisherman's slave

My favorite movies:

Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!
comments: go go dancers on a violence spree
comments: the life of George Sand-- the female poet who wore pants... how indignant!
....a ton of others

My favorite authors:

Umberto Eco
comments: Semanitc king of the world
comments: I'st time to get drunk! On wine, or poetry or virtues... whicherver you prefer
David Wojnarowicz
comments: Close to the knives
Jean Genet
comments: Sailors who like to fuck
Nick Bantock
comments: Griffin and Sabine

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