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My favorite diaries:

Gawain profile - diary
comments: A good friend of mine. He's new to the 'hood, but of course not to Diaryland. He's obsessed with turning me into a pop culture monkey.
Ever profile - diary
comments: Behind every man is a woman who kicks his ass. This is Gawain's woman.
Chromemm profile - diary
comments: What can I say? It's Chrome. Rest in peace, friend.
siopup profile - diary
comments: In terms of Diaryland, we go way back...somewhat. She is a pretty classy lass.
sinnamon profile - diary
comments: I have to admit, I'm an asian wannabe. She probably looks at me like a freak, but I still can't help immersing myself in Chinese culture.
justamerican profile - diary
comments: Pronouncing the lipservice has never been so easy.
unclebob profile - diary
comments: One day, when Uncle Bob steps down and hands the tin crown of Diaryland to Gawain, I will be waiting for when Gawain hands it down to me.
badsnake profile - diary
comments: This is the life you wish you had.
penchant profile - diary
comments: She is interesting, what more can I say? We share many views about humanity and the government.

My favorite music:

Bad Religion
comments: Simply the most methodical, prolific, and inspirational music defining a genre ever.
Iron Maiden
comments: They did the groundwork for every metal band that sprang up after 1980. They are truly legends.
Ben Folds
comments: In the midst of pseudo musical icons and so-called NuMetal, Ben writes beautiful pop music and still walks away with his integrity.
Aphex Twin
comments: In a sea of horribly bad artists that jumped on the electronica/techno bandwagon, Richard D. James did something creative and intelligent. He can do more with a palm pilot than most can do with a full studio.
Sick Shift
comments: So much more than SoCal Skate Punk. Their awesome mixture of metal and punk elements present more originality than the Blink 182s and SR-71s of the music world.

My favorite movies:

The Ring
comments: I thought all "scary" movies were not scary anymore. Boy was I wrong...
comments: Twenty-four hours in the life of three youths in the aftermath of a riot in Paris.
The Emperor and the Assassin
comments: The story of the first emperor of China's rise to power, and the assasin that tried to end it. This movie is executed like a balet.
To Live
comments: One family's struggle through the Social Revolution, spanning the first four decades of Communist China.
Noises Off
comments: First it was a play about a play. Then it was a movie about a play that was about a play. Then there was John Ritter falling down the stairs, and me falling off my couch.

My favorite authors:

Ian Fleming
comments: He was truly an innovator in his time. As the spurs of social and sexual revolution were being thrust into the world, his characters embodied an entire movement. Without Fleming and Bond I think that modern fiction literature would be completely differe
Mark Twain
comments: Another innovator, from a more important era as it related to American history. What may be more interesting than his work, is his life - full of adventure and discovery. Again, modern fiction would be at a loss without his great writing.
Noam Chomsky
comments: He is everything that I wish I was. By day he's a professor of language at MIT, by night a revolutionary and political theorist. He definitely enjoys exposing the dirt under our governments fingernails.
Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman
comments: Creators and geniuses behind the Dragonlance Saga. Though I'm not a big fan of the science fiction / fantasy genre, their novels appeal to me - specifically the rich characters and beautiful environment the same reason Frank Herbert is such a power
Michael Moore
comments: A real working class hero. His books and movies are insightful, thought provoking, and very real. He has a way of using humor to prove a point. Only after he has you laughing hysterically do you realize that you should be crying. Good stuff.

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