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Sorry no updates in a loooong time, but college is serious business! I'm 19, a freshman (with technical sophomore standing), and an official art student. I want to work as a concept artist for video games, because I'm... well... obsessed!

My favorite diaries:

camel-toes profile - diary
comments: Almost exactly like me...only Canadian. I love Canada! And quite a good read, might I say. Sense of humour.
agntsmith profile - diary
comments: This is my brother's diary. Be warned, it's a little out of the ordinary.
ostwalds profile - diary
comments: My family's diary for family news. Go here and look around in the archives if you want to see a rather ugly picture of me.
iamchristian profile - diary
comments: One cool girl. Talented, too! People like this are hard to come by, I'd have to say. Another wonderful writer! And I always learn something new from her diary!
hobbitchick4 profile - diary
comments: This is a really good read, trust me. It's like a novel, great writing.
ringbearers profile - diary
comments: Huzzah! Finally, Frodo and Sam got themselves a diary.
elijah1981 profile - diary
comments: Wonder what the username means... Just kidding! She's really nice.
meganwaits profile - diary
comments: Her writing is very expressive, and impressive, and yes! I can rhyme!
under-shadow profile - diary
comments: It's scary that we've never met before. She could be my twin, it's that strange.
goldberry91 profile - diary
comments: It's Sarah from iamchristian! Spiffy new! I'd say new and improved, but you can't improve Sarah!
artnerd18 profile - diary
comments: Art is fun. Especially when it's nerdy! Combine the two, and you get a good read. YAY!
merri-lyn profile - diary
comments: It's Meredith meets the UK! A diary to chronicle her journey to success in Europe. It's like a movie, but readable!
twintale profile - diary
comments: I wish I were as in touch with my faith as she is. And she's got a twin sister, which is awesomely cool because twins just are. And she's uber-nice, and just cheers me up! (see also: prayerman)
kidmittens profile - diary
comments: She's so sweet, and such a good writer! And she's Canadian! (And who doesn't love Canada?!?)
prayerman profile - diary
comments: Andrew. He's Angela's (twintale's) boyfriend who's ridiculously smart and cool and faithful. Just like her. Psh, lucky.
sunnyrain828 profile - diary
comments: She loves God and speaks French. I mean, how cool does one get?
onlygrace profile - diary
comments: Cherryffic!

My favorite music:

comments: And Josh Groban and Weezer, Our Lady Peace, B'z, Jay Chou, Sh�na Ring�, Kaoru Wada, X-Japan, YUI, Malice Mizer (Gackt era), Moi Dix Mois, FAKE?, Hotei Tomoyasu, DOPING PANDA, Bugy Craxone, Brilliant Green, Ayumi Hamasaki, Asian Kung-Fu Generation
comments: And Telemann and Vivaldi and Bach and Mozart and Pachelbel and Beethoven and a little Chopin
comments: Dir en grey, fra-foa, Koda Kumi, Utada Hikaru, Nobuo Uematsu, Gackt, GLAY, L'arc, Merry, Analogfish, Yoko Shimomura, Yano Maki, Nami Tamaki, Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, Rie Fu, Psycho le C�mu, Du� le Quartz, the pillows, Morning Musume (I admit it!)
Flogging Molly
comments: Enya, The Cheiftains, Sinead O'Connor, Dropkick Murphies, The Corrs, etc...I'm Irish.
comments: The Ataris, Anti-Flag, Mad Caddies, Jimmy Fallon, The Calling, The Vines, Sting, The Clash, The Sex Pistols, the Ramones, The Dead Milkmen, Smashing Pumpkins, Greenday, Sum 41, Trapt, Chevelle, Dido, Sarah Mc-something I can't spell, Jason Mraz

My favorite movies:

The Passion of the Christ
comments: It's so good, it deserves its own line.
Lord of the Rings
comments: Matrix, Pirates of the Carribean, Sleepy Hollow, Indiana Jones, Radio Flyer, Monty Python (my geeky line)
comments: The Sixth Sense, Bourne Identity, The Good Son, From Hell, Braveheart, Black Hawk Down
Kill Bill
comments: Numbers one and two, House of Sand and Fog, Monster, Butterfly Effect, My Fair Lady, Edward Scissorhands, The Shawshank Redemption, Pulp Fiction, The Village, Top Gun
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
comments: I'll add lots more when I think of them... TOO MANY MOVIES!

My favorite authors:

Frank McCourt
comments: "Angela's Ashes" and "'Tis". I've never read two books more stirring, more humourous, more poignant than these two in my life.
George Eliot
comments: aka Mary Anne Evans Cross. Intricate storylines and heavy in purport. Middlemarch, Adam Bede, Mill on the Floss, and my favourite, Daniel Deronda.
Charles Dickens
comments: English Victorian era, ingenious plot twists and wonderful character development. Always a great read.
William Shakespeare
comments: I know, I know: primarily a businessman and entertainer, secondarily an artist. However, the innerworkings of his plays, however ignored in his time or even unintended by him, always surprise me.
James Joyce
comments: (Once you get around to understanding him), T.S. Eliot (genius), Emily Bronte, Charlotte Bronte, F.Scott... I'll think of more later.

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