shit... i'm waiting for the sun to shine

ever see the film Taxi Driver? you know DeNiro's character? well, that's me. minus the part about getting a mohawk, packing heat, and killing people. :)

My favorite diaries:

diary-rants profile - diary
comments: bitter pissed off people are funny i had some good laughs here
doodlebean5 profile - diary
comments: the girl im most whipped by , errr, i mean my *FAVORITE* friend all time :-D
hairmetal profile - diary
comments: i love the theme of this diary. every day, a new 80s hair metal song to describe this person's mood.
activism profile - diary
preach-it profile - diary
debate-it profile - diary
pissesyouoff profile - diary
comments: public diary i run. post what pisses you off
goingpostal profile - diary
comments: my rage diary

My favorite music:

comments: amazing. i can't get enough of them. to me, they have this mysterious quality, as if they are more than a band. best concert ive been to. EVER
comments: lars is still a bastard (i guess some things never change). hey, we all know kill em all, ride the lightning, and master of puppets was their best work but the guys still rokk. hey, they used to have mullets
comments: experimental noise, if you are into the subgenre of electronica. i get lost in the songs caecilia and a year in a minute. go ahead, go can listen to a majority of his works on real audio
comments: i always wanted to have a band with a female singer i could listen to. i like garbage alot, but curve is much better. better lyrics, better music.
sparta & the mars volta
comments: what im listening to the most at the moment. im not one of those so called emo kids, but i dig this stuff. i was a huge fan of at the drive in, so its natural i like these two bands. i hope they come to atlanta soon so i can catch em in action

My favorite movies:

taxi driver
comments: travis bickle? that's me wouldnt i like to take a gun and just shoot the pimps and the prostitutes, the shitty people in this world the scum
blue velvet
comments: gave me new respect (and fear) for dennis hopper. dear lord, does he really walk around with an oxygen tank? and what the hell is he doing to that french lady?
raging bull
comments: another classic de niro performance. i couldnt help but laugh when pesci went nuts at the club
comments: science fiction film noir - harrisson ford is cool, plus the music is awesome. I kind of feel bad for the 'droids. Wouldnt you be pissed if you only had 4 years to live?
comments: the best editing and camera direction in a movie ive seen. how come someone can make a teen horror movie this good, but all others that follow suck ass?

My favorite authors:

aldous huxley
comments: brave new world remains my favorite book right now, ive read it 3 times and Ill probably read it again
comments: ive read part of old man and the sea, and all of for whom the bell tolls. i like his simple writing style.
comments: 1984, big brother...some of this stuff is here man. hell, im sure just about everything we do is tracked.
comments: frankenstein. im glad we had to read this for english. i didnt think i would be, but some of this gothic stuff i enjoy. bram stoker's dracula, interview with a vampire, edgar allen poe, i all enjoy those

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