the story is in the soil, keep your ear to the ground.

maybe it's me who's this unstable always obsessed about the end why can't i let what happens happen? and just enjoy the time i spend oh how i wish it was so easy but when there is no point to anything it can get a bit confusing why is that i keep going? why is that we keep going?

the diarylander previously known as "drowningcore".

My favorite diaries:

drowningcore profile - diary
comments: my alter ego. slowly going defunct.
xeross profile - diary
comments: kyle. he's cuddly.
goddesshanna profile - diary
comments: i luv you hanna bean!!!
servo profile - diary
comments: neal. he likes weed a lot and dates one of my bestest friends.
xiowax profile - diary
comments: ex roomie and all around rockin person. i <3 you, meg meg.
thebubbles profile - diary
comments: jennie could so take you.
colorsblind profile - diary
comments: chris. do you REALLY have amnesia?
partinggift profile - diary
comments: matt is a might have been.
lockandkey profile - diary
comments: i'm not sure why, but i keep up on her. call it voyeurism.
brokeninside profile - diary
comments: emo boys, after all, are indeed yum.
jane-divided profile - diary
comments: weezery cool girlie.
rollerqueen profile - diary
comments: intelligence and impeccable music taste from the other side of the pond.
abnormality profile - diary
comments: stephanie. she's so damn sad sometimes.
sparklefox profile - diary
comments: we like the same things. w00t for ATDI and AFI.
disappoint profile - diary
comments: mark who i dated once. he's awful at coloring.
popnoir profile - diary
comments: oh, you crazy bright eyes loving canadians. god, how i wish i was canadian...oh, for it to be a year and a half later than now...
alexei profile - diary
comments: your writing style is too nice to have a template background.
paigeland profile - diary
abananafish profile - diary

My favorite music:

bright eyes
comments: the one you painted blue and glued with jewelry tears. something about those bright colors would always make you feel better.
system of a down
comments: trust in my self-righteous suicide.
comments: marching two by two.
the faint
comments: what's it like to have a room of guys encircle you?
comments: afi, at the drive in, sparta, bloodhound gang, black heart procession, mineral, saetia, poison the well, the vines, old metallica, NIN, marilyn manson, elliott smith, apples in stereo, her space holiday, modest mouse, pink, converge, orbital, desaparecido

My favorite movies:

comments: "now, we are fucked."
Run Lola Run
comments: you know what? it's all fuckin in german. i can't quote german well.
comments: the single most disturbing film known to mankind.
Pulp Fiction/Reservoir Dogs
comments: "english, motherfucker, do you speak it?"
Sore Losers
comments: shitty indie film, but somehow has earned a special place in the cockles of my heart.

My favorite authors:

bret easton ellis
comments: American Psycho and Less than Zero
mark z. danielowski
comments: House of Leaves
jack kerouac
comments: On the Road
douglas coupland
comments: Life After God
conor oberst
comments: i know he's a songwriter, and not really a true writer...but i wish i could write one eighth as well as he does.

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