Stop Pressuring me!

Just trying to maintain regular homeostasis, surving this world where day to day I must deal with bitchiness, racism, and poverty, to name a few. By keeping a diary I hope to gain certain uniformity and maintain consistence in my life. I don't ask for much and I NEVER expect much from people. I think humans are blessed with intelligence supreme but we are all still inacapable of using it. I also believe that life is a paradox (the good and bad) and God will someday use us as a bad example to his NEW world, teaching them what not to do.

Basically I am just trying to live and Be ME, while ducking the gigantic problematic missiles that life fires my way.

SOo, life fire away, fuck you, I'ma still be here.

My favorite diaries:

dalyrical1 profile - diary
comments: ahhh to see my life in another one's eyes
dreamsmasher profile - diary
comments: talk about smashin dreams!! I love all your entries
italktowalls profile - diary
comments: two words: fuckin funny
freakylezz profile - diary
comments: shit a lesbian bitch who says it like its is, do i like her:HELL YEAH
frozen-vodka profile - diary
comments: hee hee, are you serious?
yankeepoet profile - diary
comments: our hilarious friend from worcester, last night after reading him i realized i peed in my pants; oops
perfect-lies profile - diary
comments: breaching age gaps
awomanalone profile - diary
comments: talking about phases like i could swear i been in b4 (i.e depression)
thedailywtf profile - diary
comments: hee hee
kristintracy profile - diary
comments: she says this stuff with a straight face i bet
unclebob profile - diary
comments: i read one entry and i was hooked
cookie1028 profile - diary
comments: Upon reading diaries, ever so often I encounter one that piques my interest and somehow I feel that aspects in their life relates to mine. Call mne silly, thats what happens...
hoseboy profile - diary
comments: I like you hoseboy
infinidox profile - diary
comments: quite the read
chikeetablognan profile - diary
comments: lmao thank u rachelle
coffeehouser profile - diary
comments: plain old FUNNY
ghostofgor profile - diary
comments: quite like me
reazintoliv profile - diary
comments: Hope you and Brian be together for ever,

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