In the process of reinventing myself. This is my old diary; I laugh when re-reading how naive I once was.

My favorite diaries:

chris-n-ty profile - diary
comments: Christa
irishdream profile - diary
comments: Jesse
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comments: Amy
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comments: Shelli
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My favorite music:

Trace Adkins
comments: Everybody knows he's the love of my life!!
Trick Pony
comments: "That's just what I need on a night like this, a long walk in the dark someone I cant resist!! A little rendevouz a little mystery, when I look at you I think that's just what I need!!"
Julie Roberts
comments: Her voice is so sexy. "God help me keep me moving somehow, don't let me start wishing I was with him now. I made it this far without crying a single tear, I'd sure hate to break down here."
comments: Kicks ass... "Old loves they die hard, Old lies they die harder..."
comments: "Fearing you, Loving you, I won't let you pull me down..."

My favorite movies:

The Notebook
comments: "It wasn't over! It STILL isn't over!" Not surprisingly, this movie makes me cry and gives me goosebumps!!
Pirates of the Caribbean
comments: Still in love with Johnny Depp... it's gotta be that long hair. Can't wait for the second one!!
The Incredibles
comments: Freaking amazing!! I so want to have superpowers like being invisible!! I am so jealous!!
Million Dollar Baby
comments: So much more than just a boxing movie... it was absolutely incredible!! Grab the Puffs before seeing it!!
comments: How can you ever get tired of this movie?? "A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets..."

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: I'm STILL on Book 4 of The Dark Tower series and am amazed... by far his best work ever!! You gotta read them!!
VC Andrews
comments: I love her series books like Runaways and Wildflowers. And of course Flowers in the Attic will forever be stuck in my mind... so so good!!
David Pelzer
comments: "A Child Called It" If you haven't read this book, you NEED to. This book shows exacly why social workers are so needed.
Richard Pelzer
comments: "A Brother's Journey" David's brother's story.

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