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i'm a treacherous creature -- the kind you see on a double creeper feature.

My favorite diaries:

jri profile - diary
comments: jesse's rad
antiprofound profile - diary
comments: this diary is hilarious
annebowman profile - diary
comments: i like the layout
lunarlife profile - diary
comments: <333 ben kicks ass
eplom9 profile - diary
comments: plommer phone!
atwowaydream profile - diary
comments: echoes
happydiary profile - diary
comments: ed/si
onthebus profile - diary
comments: once met edward norton, the lucky bastard
mcearstix profile - diary
comments: omgshe'spretty? O:
be-my-heroin profile - diary
comments: dream

My favorite music:

bright eyes
comments: lover i don't have to love is definetly my favourite song right now
elliot smith
comments: i'm trying to make lisa learn to play needle in the hay
the distillers
comments: omgz i wanna marry brody's voice [ellipses] the hunger!
something corporate
comments: they're ugly and emo -- my kinda guys || <3 konstantine <3
hot hot heat
comments: canadian, tall, and slightly on the geek side__/ i <3 them

My favorite movies:

the virgin suicides
comments: so of course i love lost in translation as well -- sofia coppolla is my god
american beauty
comments: lovelovelovelove
nightmare before christmas
comments: tim burton is wonderful. ever seen "vincent", one of his shorts?
chelsea walls
comments: ethan hawke is fucking amazing and this proved it to me
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
comments: you'll find jim carrey doing some /real/ acting in this movie

My favorite authors:

ayn rand
comments: go ask jesse, seriously
francesca lia block
comments: nightmares of fairytale wonder

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