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My favorite diaries:

glitter-bomb profile - diary
comments: my one and only favourite diary. my one and only sweetheart. yeah, i'm biased, so what!?!

My favorite music:

the smiths
comments: next to the beatles & the clash this is THE band. but unlike the others, they had an impact on me & my musical tastes while i was growing up. uh, i'll also include anything morrissey did after their breakup.
sonic youth
comments: the only band/artist on this list that i've actually seen. three times. they can do no wrong.
comments: almost had a chance to see them. i was this close. i am kicking myself to this very day. r.i.p. mary hansen
comments: why wouldn't they be on here? i have all their albums! ok i lied, i think i seen them but it was at lollapalooza, so it doesn't really count.
comments: ever since the sugarcubes(which i saw twice) i've loved her. she's weird but hey, so am i.

My favorite movies:

high fidelity
comments: numero uno! "get your patchouli stink outta my store!" one of my fav. parts.
the burbs
comments: ah, what happened to the crazy tom hanks we used to know. wish i lived in that neighbourhood.
comments: yeah, it's about the corniest movie going. first time i saw it was when i was ten, with my cousin. i don't know how we ever got in but i got to see bill murray at his best. i love that guy! best scene: the cab ride at the beginning.
rebel without a cause
comments: another corny classic! maybe one day i'll see it at the drive-in too. teenage angst at it's best, even if it is 50 years old.

My favorite authors:

douglas coupland
comments: he's not the most literary or far out writer in the world. in fact he's mr. pop culture. well ten years ago. but i like him, so there. and he's canadian.

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