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I'm a student at University doing physics (although I havent made a lecture for the last 3 months). And I spend most of my time wasting time which generally entails getting drunk, watching TV, reading books, listening to music, playing guitar, playing Lacrosse and just generally being lazy. But on the plus side at least I have lots of fun.

My favorite diaries:

lameassgirl profile - diary
comments: She left me my first note, Yay!!!! She also has a cool page LOOK AT IT!!!
arina4 profile - diary
comments: She said summit nice about my page on her comments for which I will b 4ever grateful, she's also funny *love peice an chicken grease*
Some-trouble profile - diary
comments: She's got a really cool page, and she fixed my cat picture which was very nice of her.
Natchez profile - diary
comments: I like this diary, it's very detailed and descriptive and good.
biscut profile - diary
comments: "it's nine in the morning. i'm happily dreaming about working in a lettuce factory " How good a quote is that. Her page is also cool so have a look.
Feederfairy profile - diary
comments: She's got a cool diary, an she plays guitar, an she's always got a kick ass song as her music of the day thing, its all good.
kimbaleigh profile - diary
comments: This is a cool diary, I like reading the entries an it's got a nice layout.
nosher profile - diary
comments: Someone still reads my diary, yay. And even better than that they've got a cool diary for me to read, Yay!!! Read it, Yay!!!!

My favorite music:

comments: Probably the best punk rock band around a the mo. They've never made a bad song
Bob Marley
comments: Wait in Vain is one of the best songs ever
Bob Dylan
comments: He's a living legend even if he does look like hes already dead nowadays ( I guess all the drugs and booze took their toll).
Jimi Hendrix
comments: He is actually dead but hes gotta be one of the coolest most talented people who ever lived
comments: Another great punk band who have also never made a bad song.

My favorite movies:

Princess bride
comments: Cracking film I watched it when I was little and forgot about it then my friend put it on round at his the other day when we were having a smoke and it was well cool, possibly due to the weed but I bet its still good when your not caned.
comments: Well funny as is all Jay an silent bob stuff
Mall Rats
comments: Another funny film an I like films that make you laugh
comments: A Hindi film I watched once with my mum, I dont know what it was about it but i really enjoyed it an it just stuck in my head.
comments: First Manga I saw when I was about 14 an while I dont really watch em anymore I still love the film and its animation

My favorite authors:

Charlotte Bronte
comments: If you have'nt read Jane Eyre yet read it is all I can say
Joseph Heller
comments: Catch twenty two makes me laugh which I dont often find with alot of books
Charles Dickens
comments: I've only read Great Expectations and David Copperfield but I love em both
George Orwell
comments: All his books are thought provoking an you can see where he's coming from with alot of his Ideas, He also had a really Interesting life.
J D Salinger
comments: I read catcher in the rye the other week, an it was a well cool book, just a lad thinking fuck it an doin what he wants, an the last sentence applies to me, when he says everyone keeps asking him if hes gonna try harder in school an he says he doesnt know

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