I want to hear people's advice, but that doesn't mean I'll take it.

I'm 19, I work at a liquor store, and I live in a state shaped like a mitten. That's enough to fuck anyone up.

My favorite diaries:

quoted profile - diary
comments: Damn straight, I'm on the Quoted bandwagon.
shescreams profile - diary
comments: It's not poetry, but it's poetic.
myinsight profile - diary
comments: My poems on diaryland. Shameless self promotion. :)
xconfessed profile - diary
comments: I read them all. And will continue to read them all.
unluckyme profile - diary
comments: I read her 53 latest entries in backwards chronological order. I really need a life.
youlostme profile - diary
comments: It's just beautiful. Strange, but beautiful. And that's the best kind.
punkrockelf profile - diary
comments: Great layout. Really. It's excellent......... oh, and the writing's good too. Heh.
ivyvalentine profile - diary
comments: The coolest punk rock chick in diaryland. Yeah. And she's my Rancid twin.
ruthlessteen profile - diary
comments: This is my puppy's sister.
aboywho profile - diary
comments: I'm a sucker for a guy that has feelings.
soulepiphany profile - diary
comments: Finally, someone who understands that "Hot Topic" = "What I wore in 9th grade and got made fun of for."
punkybanana profile - diary
comments: I don't know her, but she seems like the kind of person who would call someone a "BIZNATCH" if she didn't like them. And that's always cool.
carelessly profile - diary
comments: The amazing Gretchen returns, hopefully triuphantly.
peteypuke profile - diary
comments: Adorable. I'm obsessed.
laughercurve profile - diary
comments: Another adorable one. I love it. Wonderful.
jello-baby profile - diary
comments: I was reading her diary and I found myself thinking, "I want her life. It seems so comfortable."
glitterkick profile - diary
comments: Fucking banks... they always screw the poor white man over, don't they?

My favorite music:

Dropkick Murphys
comments: I'm a third Irish. So it's mandatory that I like these guys.
comments: This band will forever be burned into my mind as the band I listened to when me and my best friend got lost in Toledo, Ohio for the fun of it. And lots of bugs flew into her window and got squished. That's what H2O reminds me of.
comments: When I was 14, the song "Radio" changed my life. That's why I love Rancid.
Bouncing Souls
comments: Greg used to be my future husband, but then he got married. This made me sad. But then I listened to "Maniacal Laughter" and I was happy again.
Dashboard Confessional
comments: For when I'm feeling emo.

My favorite movies:

Say Anything
comments: John Cusak is God in disguise.
The Shawshank Redemption
comments: Tim Robbins is God's other form.
Empire Records
comments: What's with TODAY today?
Good Will Hunting
comments: How about them apples?
The Wizard of Oz
comments: How could you not love this movie?

My favorite authors:

John Steinbeck
comments: Do your mind a favor. Read The Grapes of Wrath.
Kurt Vonnegut
comments: Ever feel absolutely numb after reading a book? Vonnegut did that to me.
Rob Santello
comments: I would read anything he wrote. Seriously, if he wrote six words on a napkin about doing his laundry, I would read it.
Nick Hornby
comments: Isn't it funny how all of his books get turned into movies. I hate Hugh Grant, by the way. That's why I haven't seen "About A Boy".

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