Lloyd's Toehold on irRelevance

Renaissance man being drug through the modern era of specialization kicking and screaming� while dragging some yummy pita through some homemade spicy black bean hummus.

My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

Ani Difranco
comments: Goes through as many mood changes as I do, and all with attitude.
R.L. Burnside
The Handsome Family
comments: Until I hit the bottom I won't believe this hole is bottomless.
Gillian Welsch
comments: Another Harvard educated upper middle class gen-Xer with a kinship to appalachian arts. Fits well in the CD changer when I am sitting on the porch of my broken down shack of a house with a mangey dog at my feet and sipping on some Jameson or other Burbon
Greg Brown
comments: Lover of life, women and Iowa. What could be dearer?

My favorite movies:

comments: In search of the perfect noodle. A must see.
Family Guy
comments: Way better than the Simpsons!
Waking Life

My favorite authors:

Tom Robins
comments: Send in the Clowns!
Foxfire Books
comments: I just got the entire set filled out over christmase

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