The Lunar Dwarf

Cogito ergo es.

"I think, therefore you are."

I used to have something witty here... now I don't.

And now... Fun with alliteration!

My favorite diaries:

mavin profile - diary
comments: Vivacious Viola's vintage (in)vective.
jester-smite profile - diary
comments: Tactful Tricia's tautological typing.
davenh profile - diary
comments: Dangerous Daven's daunting diary.
hwaaah profile - diary
comments: Scary SaraH's startling stories.
ana-ng profile - diary
comments: Jocular Jen's jive journal.
sarahscastle profile - diary
comments: Sailing Sarah's seldom submitted selections.
darlamaples profile - diary
comments: Daring Darlene's darling discourse.
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comments: Awesome Amanda's artful annals.
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comments: Kickin' Ken's crazy chronicles.
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comments: Proud Paul's periodic prattles.
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comments: Jammin' Josh's jellifications
taoisnow profile - diary
comments: Bad Bryan's buddhistic 'blog
gscshot profile - diary
comments: Eclectic Emily's eccentric editorials
altorogue profile - diary
comments: Crazy Kali's cracked confessions

My favorite music:

comments: What's to say? It's Sting. His current stuff and the time with The Police: all good.
Pink Floyd
comments: One of the best bands of all time. I still haven't figured out which one is Pink, tho... ;^)
Arlo Guthrie
comments: A wonderful songwriter/singer, storyteller, and quite simply a good human being.
Loreena McKennitt
comments: Lovely, soulful music
comments: Listen and feel your intellect grow within you! Okay, maybe not, but the music is wonderful.

My favorite movies:

Meet the Feebles
comments: Peter Jackson's earlier work...
Buckaroo Banzai
comments: Panned by the critics, this terrific movie is a cult favorite of literally dozens. Just good fun.
Johnny Dangerously
comments: Another fun movie, chock full of amusement and fun
Red Dwarf
comments: A television series from England, not a movie... damn good fun!
Not enough space
comments: Indiana Jones movies, The original Star Wars Trilogy, Alien and Aliens, Innocent Blood, The Three and The Four Musketeers starring Michael York & Richard Chamberlain... more

My favorite authors:

J.R.R. Tolkien
comments: It's Tolkien. 'Nuff said. Too bad the movies didn't actually follow the story...
Larry Niven
comments: Such well done essays and science fiction; a future history so complete and well made that it simply boggles the mind
Douglas Adams
comments: Terribly missed.
Viola Lenz
comments: She has a wonderful talent for writing prose and poetry. Not to mention comics!
Not enough slots!
comments: Glen Cook, PG Wodehouse, Maurice Sendak, Richard Scarry, Isaac Asimov, Poul Anderson, Phil Foglio... the list goes on!

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