I am Leanna. I"m a new mommy to a wonderful baby boy, Alex. He and his Daddy are the best things that have ever happened to me, and I'm a very lucky person.

My favorite diaries:

endersstart profile - diary
comments: Steven is an awesome writer, an awesome person, and has an awesome diary.
ohnevermind profile - diary
comments: Jennie is Steven's girl friend. She's a cool person and is a good person to talk to.
makemepretty profile - diary
comments: This is Suzy. She is really cool. She gives me inspiration to do really cool things like move to Eureka on two weeks notice.
ladymyst2000 profile - diary
comments: Coti has been my best friend since 8th grade. She's a really awesome person, even if she doesn't know how to spell!!! Get to know her, she's great!
ohokaywhat profile - diary
comments: This is Ryan. He's a really cool guy. I haven't talked to him much lately, and I miss him. I should give him a call.
zbestzeus profile - diary
comments: This is Lance. He made fun of me and said untrue things in my guest book. He's a good friend of mine.
bu77erfly profile - diary
comments: This is Alicia. She is my best friend in Chico... maybe even my best friend in the world. She is a cool, cool bear. Luv ya Miss Terholly! Love, Macaroni
tooinclined profile - diary
comments: a diary I stumbled upon. Looks like a fun read.
jmoney profile - diary
comments: He's friend with the Awesome Steven.
edwin profile - diary
comments: This is my friend Mike. I don't think he realizes how awesome he is.
maobili profile - diary
comments: This is Misha! We had a lot of fun playing in and out basketball and searching for swimsuits back in the day. I was really bummed when I realized we'd grown apart, but now we're friends again and it's really cool.
jespree profile - diary
comments: This is Melissa. She was in my AP classes in highschool, and we made a Grapes of Wrath song. Desiree said that I was Suzy's Melissa, and Melissa was Desiree's Leanna.

My favorite music:

Pink Floyd
comments: AWESOME!!! Especially "The Wall" album. Pink Floyd is intense.
Cat Stevens
comments: A song for every emotion... great singer, song writer and composer
80's Music
comments: Love that fun stuff!
70's Music
comments: AWESOME! (a lot of it, anyways)
comments: Way to be individuals!

My favorite movies:

comments: Well, I've seen a few

My favorite authors:

Daniel Quinn
comments: Need an eye opener?
Derrick Jensen
comments: A Language Older than Words... phenominal
John Steinbeck
comments: This guy's writing is great, especially "East of Eden." Love that book!
Classic American Lit.
comments: Is great!
Perrine's Literature
comments: Text book-- has great stuff in it!

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