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A twenty-one year old woman who doesn't give a damn about what others think of her or her opinions, as long as they are willing to listen. Be true to yourself, but respect others' beliefs.

My favorite diaries:

thenewfolio profile - diary
comments: My Shakespeare translation/novelization project.
sarrowzend profile - diary
comments: Yay! Ranting! The sad thing is I agree with him on most points...
weetabix profile - diary
comments: Very funny, I highly reccomend it!
coffeebitch profile - diary
comments: Well, as I am a coffee pimp, it just seemed right
oddgoogle profile - diary
comments: One day, I'll be on it, I'm sure...
unclebob profile - diary
comments: Ya gotta love 'im.
skarekrow profile - diary
comments: Hee-hee.... Goth Apocolypse
lunasoul profile - diary
comments: Teacher in Japan...Spiffy!
pseudomuffin profile - diary
comments: Visit him if only for his layout. Beautiful.
onthebus profile - diary
comments: I remember highschool...Well, kinda..
fucktitles profile - diary
comments: "I want Emeril to have a fucking heart attack on live TV. Let's see him kick that fucker up a notch." Rock on boys. Rock on.
taintedviews profile - diary
comments: Spiffy offbeat review site
kitchenlogic profile - diary
greschya profile - diary
thisdarkgirl profile - diary
comments: Love the name....
halee profile - diary
comments: heh
cowgirlkym profile - diary
mymichele profile - diary
comments: Well, well, well. You just can't tell...... You know the rest.
mazokuheart profile - diary
comments: Spiffly little otaku ^_^
offence profile - diary
comments: She's only 16?
peeperjen profile - diary
comments: Maybe it's just me, but teachers are the bravest, most heroic people in the world. I'm in awe of them... Maybe that's why I have 3 of 'em as favourites
allthatsleft profile - diary
austinliz profile - diary
comments: Loved her as mymichelle, love her still
genghis-jon profile - diary
comments: Because we all need 3-grade level humor sometimes.
raevyncigany profile - diary
epiphany profile - diary
comments: Cool teacher guy. I want to be like him when I grow up.

My favorite music:

Switchblade Symphony
comments: Gorgeous vocals, ranges from industrial-ish to balad.
Type O Negative
comments: For some reason, I think I have too many goth bands on this thing... Ah, fuck it.
A Perfect Circle
comments: Sweet Revelation.
Black Tape for a Blue Girl
comments: Savanger Bride. Buy it Now.
comments: Are you Sweetest Misery?

My favorite movies:

comments: David Bowie in tights. 'Nuff said.
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
comments: I have both the stage and movie soundtracks... Aren't I spiffy?
comments: The mini-series version of Neil Gaiman's book.
Miss Congeniality
comments: I'm a sucker for a good dumb romantic comedy.
comments: Kevin Smith is a god...

My favorite authors:

Piers Anthony
comments: Sci-fi/fantasy. His novels can be sticky-sweet, or disturbing
Laurell K. Hamilton
comments: Anita Blake is SOOOOO cool! Not to mention Merry Gentry!
Neil Gaiman
comments: Sandman, Good Omens, Stardust, many short stories, what more could you ask?
Terry Pratchett
comments: Yet again, Good Omens, and also Discworld. Bloody hilarious. I want The Luggage!!!
Diana Wynne Jones
comments: Be it Chrestomanci, or Derk of Darkholm, her characters are full of life and magic.

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