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Welcome to the world of my personal philosophy. I will probably share more than you would ever need to know about me. But feel free to email me if you find this intriguing and wish to know more. Also enjoy exploring my website. I'd appreciate any feedback on my thoughts.

My favorite diaries:

QueenMothy profile - diary
comments: The dear Sam...Gotta love this artistic female!
Ecclectic716 profile - diary
comments: The incredibly sensitive and genuine Christine. Muah!

My favorite music:

The Used
comments: Bert is my homeboy, Quinn is my dream man, Jeph is my hero and Branden makes me laugh! This is my most favoritest!
The All-American Rejects
comments: Beautiful lyrics, energy, oh and a hot lead singer... that's always a good thing
Story of the Year
comments: The most amazing concert ever! Check them out if you can.
Our Lady Peace
comments: Sincere, rock-hard songs with solid melody.
Dashboard Conffessional
comments: Seriously moving tunes for the Emo-lovers soul.

My favorite movies:

The Saint
comments: My very favorite. Val Kilmer is my top ranking actor and this is probably his best work to date. It has everything. Love, espionage, explosions, fight scenes, Russians (Mmm...), and art & science. I haven't found anything better yet.
American Beauty
comments: I know that nearly EVERYONE says how wonderful this movie is, but no matter how cliche it is, I love it! Few people actually understand it, no matter how much they "love" it.
Schindler's List
comments: Very few movies can make me cry. This is one that can. The Holocaust imagery is heartbreaking.
Billy Madison and Bio Dome
comments: My comedy picks. Adam Sandler, need I say more? He is THE master of my laughter. Pauly Shore is such an awesome comedian and he and Stephen Baldwin are unstoppable together. With these two I'm laughing all night.
Black Hawk Down
comments: Another movie that can make me cry. War is an ugly thing. Even the most weathered soldiers are moved by the scenes this movie depicts.

My favorite authors:

JK Rowling
comments: Who doesn't love the Harry Potter series? I'm patiently waiting for the 6th book here! No telling when it'll come out. Hopefully not 3 years from now. Everyone write emails encouraging its completion!
Laurel K. Hamilton
comments: The Anita Blake series is the most fun and un-cheesy supernatural fiction experience ever. If you can get vampires, weranimals, witches, zombies and ritual killings all in one place without the experience of a B movie then you've found a winner.
William Shakespeare
comments: Who can compete with this man? He is the visionary singlehandedly in charge of my theatre passion. If you think his works are boring, you have NO intelligence. No one commands words and grammer like him. And he has the best dirty humor in history!
Anne Rice
comments: Yet another vampire experience without the cheese. She has the most artistic images to place in your mind as you read along following the lives of these intelligent, beautiful, masterpieces of the night. Not to mention her witches and the mummy.
comments: The patriarch of all modern theatre. Beginning with the Greeks and this man, the creation of the most expressive art began. If you haven't read his work, try it. You won't be dissapointed.

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